Monday, January 04, 2010

And . . . We're Off!

Well, 2010 is off to a rip-roaring start!

We spent the weekend de-Christmasing the place, and watching some football. I'm recovering from a cold (a bit more slowly than I prefer, sadly), so I'm trying to rest a little in between bouts of panicky we've-got-to-get-X-done! I'm not really succeeding at this.

I'm sort of panicky for a reason. Soon, we're going to get a new floor for the main part of the house: family room, kitchen, playroom, computer room, music room, hallway. The entire downstairs of the house, minus the bathroom, which we hope to tile one day.

We think we've found the right kind of flooring. We're going for high-end laminate versus hardwood, since laminate will withstand children a little bit better, and it's cheaper. Money is so so so tight, but we've been planning this project for a little while and have the funds to do just this, plus eat, for the next year. The peopleguys who will install this are also inexpensive-r than our other quotes.

However. The Laminate Installation Peopleguys are cheaper because they won't do as much moving around our crap precious belongings. The other peopleguys were the "we'll just take care of EVERYTHING" type, which is so nice in theory, and if we had more in our budget, I'd take them up on that. These peopleguys are in the "you need to move your own crap precious belongings" camp. Hence, my panicking.

I can't even quite bring myself to call them to actually set up the appointment, because I'm paralyzed with fear at the thought of emptying our zillions of bookshelves and scraping cleaning the shtuff from under the couches. Let alone the playroom. My gods, the playroom!

I saved every. single. shipping box. we received during the holidays--the better to schlep crap precious belongings, my dear. Now I just need to get started. And it really doesn't help that I've still got this cough, and this dusty work ahead of me will not help that (yes, I'm still plagued by allergies of my own).

So I am making a Plan (my husband loves it when I make a PLAN!). I'm going to call the peopleguys today and get on the schedule. I think knowing WHEN this will happen will scare the crap out of me properly motivate me to get going. I'm going to call the floor store and arrange to get the proper amount of laminate. And I'm going to just work on this project, little by little, until it's done. If I just think about doing ONE ROOM instead of the entire downstairs, the project seems a little more manageable and less overwhelming. So I will do the music room first. I hereby declare that I will begin with the music room!!!!! :o)

I also will pick up a dust mask or two while we're out today (in the frigid cold), because I really don't want to be sidelined by all of the dust mites. I'm planning to actually go out of town (where?) while the peopleguys are working if I can, especially during the carpet removal process.

This is really a wonderful thing, paralyzed though I am. No carpet will be SO MUCH better for my allergies. We'll have area rugs, but it will still be a huge improvement. Things will look nicer, too. I'm so disgusted with our carpet and will be glad to see it gone for good. And I'll get an opportunity to downsize our crap precious belongings a bit along the way!!! Decrapifying is always a Good Thing.

I feel so much better actually just writing this down and making a Plan. :o) And now, on to my regularly scheduled morning, featuring half-clothed children (guess who?) and Star Wars (I know, already) and a trip to the office supply store and post office for the Flat Ryan Project. The first batch of Flat Ryans is going out today. (By the way, this project is already off to an incredible beginning! I'll write an update soon.) And then history and taekwondo and probably some other adventures (such as beginning my grand Plan) this afternoon!


Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

Oh, yes. A Plan. Those tend to help me, even when they don't work.

Good luck getting de-carpeted, and de-crapified! Getting rid of the carpet made such a HUGE difference for my boys...

C. August said...

What kind of floor are you having put in? You said laminate... do you mean engineered "wood", like a floating Pergo-type thing?

I know you and B aren't handy, but ripping up carpet is extremely easy. Messy, yes, and dusty too. But very easy. If you wanted to save some money on the install, this would be an ideal place to start. (though carpet removal is so easy, it may not actually decrease the cost of installation much... I don't really know.)

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks, Miryam! And thanks for stopping by. :)

Hey, C. Yes, we're talking about floating pergo "wood." B is actually pretty handy when he has the time. We installed laminate in our bedroom abt six years ago. But that small rectangular space was pretty easy, compared to >1000 sq ft downstairs. Peopleguys, while more $, can do it in 2-3 days. B has been campaigning to do it, but this is more than a weekend job and he is still too new at his job to take a huge chunk of time off. I might see if B could strip the carpet and lineoleum, that's a good thought. But not sure how to dispose it. And I'm seriously going to leave the house until it's done, my allergies can't stand it.

To save some $ on the job, B is installing all of the shoe molding and Ryan is going to help! That can be done at our leisure, sort of. :)

Amy said...

How long have you lived in your house? Your fear of moving all your stuff sounds like the same anxiety I have about moving. Personally, I think anyone who has no trouble with moving all of their stuff has a psychological problem, and we are normal. You're lucky to have the allergy excuse. I think next time we move or have a big project done, I'll leave too. I may not have allergies like that, but my husband will cover for me just to get my crazy self away from him.

Rational Jenn said...

We built our house in the summer of 1998, so 11.5 years. That sounds like a long time! So, we should have done something about the carpet like 5 years ago. :( It became one of those big things that was just too easy to postpone. Now that it's totally trashed, I can't stand it one more second!!!!! In hindsight, perhaps it's good that we had the kids trash the not-so-great carpet versus whatever we might have had the money to do 5 years ago! Sure, Sean is still up-and-coming, but still.

I do have fear! It's partly that we have quite a bit of STUFF. For many years, we just accumulated STUFF without really thinking about it too much. THEN we had kids, not really suspecting how much STUFF comes with that operation. I've been whittling away at it, focusing on keeping only the things we love (borrowed that idea from FlyLady), and while I've made progress--especially in how much *I* don't have an emotional attachment to STUFF anymore--we still have a ways to go!

When you wrote in your Christmas post about how you hate visual clutter, I thought two things. First, you would DIE if you saw the inside of my house! :o) Second, I feel just the same way about sounds and smells, so I can relate.

Ah well...progress, not perfection! In this kinds of matters, that's the best mantra for me.

Rational Jenn said...

Oh, and C, in my previous comment, I almost referred to pergo as "Frankenwood" but then discarded it as inadvertently too naughty-sounding for this blog.

And here I am posting it anyway, because I think I'm so clever and funny!