Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Exchange of the Day

What a super-fun afternoon! Sean woke up this morning with a goopy eye, which seemed very minor this morning, but by about 1:00 it began to worsen quickly. And with much yuck. So we just got back from a whirlwind trip to the pediatrician.

And by whirlwind, I mean that I threw all of the kids in the car and raced there in order to sit in the waiting room and exam room for 45 minutes past the appointment time with Goopy Eye Guy (who was trying desperately to goop everything in sight only to be continually thwarted by me, conscientious mother that I am, much to his dismay); Flopsy Daughter who seemingly can't sit still on any surface without A.) turning upside down or B.) falling off of it or C.) licking it; and Germophobe Boy, who worried out loud and at length for the entire time, lest a molecule of a germ inadvertently float into a 500 foot radius of his particular location.

Or something like that. And then we got to go to the pharmacy to pick up Sean's medicine, where a slightly quicker, mostly upright version of the same thing happened while we were there. Morgan still managed to lick the shopping cart. She licked the cart, I tell you!!!!

Oh, right. Exchange of the Day:

Doctor: "It's conjunctivitis."

Ryan, to the doc: "Well, my mom told me that she thought it was some kind of eye infection."

Doc: "Yes, Sean does have an eye infection. Your mom is absolutely right!"

Ryan, with wonderment, and awe: "REALLY? I never imagined she could be right about that!"

Heh. Nice to know I can still surprise him so thoroughly. Also, he asked me to explain the following on the drive home: The Sound Barrier (What it is and Why and How do we know and What happened to the guy who broke it and Did he crash his plane and Why do they call it "break" the sound barrier); What Happens if the Earth runs out of energy (I think he meant after the Sun dies off, not any environmentalist thing); and How Did the Earth Get Made. You know, just a few easy, quick sort of questions.

He also ran on and on about how his white blood cells are Army Strength which is why he will mount an attack on any germs he might get and pow them but GOOD. No wonder Morgan spends so much time in her happy place--she never has a chance to get a word in!

How was your afternoon?


Monica said...

WOW. I would be so totally ill-equipped to handle those questions, even with a science background.

It occurred to me that after "baby brain" (i.e. the brain shrinkage that typically occurs in and after pregnancy), a spell of fairly non-challenging years (intellectually) when they are very young toddlers, and then BAM! a few years later, after you've been almost completely mentally incapacitated for 4-5 years by either biology or being asked "wuttzat?" 4,582,679 times, you get suddenly hit with meaning-of-life and origin-of-the-world questions.

It just doesn't seem fair! :)

Beth said...

My day started out great....a pile of papers to file, a quiet house, hours before anyone showed up wanting my time....and then a call from my mother-in-law requesting my help (My father-in-law had a nose bleed which kept him in the ER this morning from 1-4am, which started back up again at 8am--and needless to say these two ~90 year-old were exhausted) which turned into an all day event. Oh well. I am grateful to have the freedom to be able to drop everything and go help.

Reading through your day, i think I may have some great Resources for Ryan. Ever hear of the book Cell wars? It was one of Ben's favorites when he was 5. He even was a lymphocyte for Halloween.

Also, there is a great series of books by Isaac Asimav called "How did we find out about ...." things like Energy, Atoms, Black Holes and all sorts of other things. Also the Start to Finish Books by Ali Mitgutsch, Marlene Reidel or Franz Hogner.

jody said...

HA! A lesson in medicine! Hope the eye clears up quickly!