Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Excitement with Bonus Awesome Sauce

We had an awesome day today at our homeschool co-op! It's even more fun now that the weather is much nicer and we can play outside during breaks from class. Today I actually managed to be organized enough to bring our lunches, so we had a leisurely lunch (that was cheaper and healthier than going out, yay) and then the kids ran around outside for a good hour before their next class.

Even bonusier bonus: all of that good healthy lunch + running around in the fresh air = napping toddler!

Tonight I'm attending a lecture by Dr. Jane Nelsen! You may recall that she'd planned a trip to Atlanta back in December but couldn't make it due to illness. So tonight is the lecture, and tomorrow I get to spend all day at a workshop! I've never met Jane in person, so I'm very much looking forward to tonight and tomorrow.

Even bonusier bonus: I will be without children for A. Whole. Entire. Day. Can you imagine? Oh sure, I'll be talking about them and discussing Positive Discipline so they won't be far from my mind--but they will be physically far, far away from me, waaaaay across town! Not that I don't love 'em, but sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know?

I have super lots of even more excitinger exciting goings-on, too. For example--did you know that I am officially on the Floor Peopleguy Schedule? Two weeks from tomorrow, they're coming. (So if I disappear for a little while, you'll know that I'm cleaning out bookcases and deciding which toys to keep and which to donate.) Just imagine, in a little over two weeks, my house will look amazing (I hope) and be more allergy-friendly! And, if I do it right, we'll have reorganized some and decluttered, too.

So . . . you wanna come over this weekend and have a Red Wine Party (grape juice for the kids)? All you can drink, and no worries if you spill. :o)

Hope you're having as fun a Wednesday as I am!


Daisy said...

Hooray! Sounds like a great day. Your post is making me happier. LOL.

We noticed a huge difference in our allergies when we moved into our present house which is all tile. So nice to find some relief.

jody said...

That home school coop looks cool! And imagine, a whole day without young ones!

Michael Stone said...

Hmmm, drinks, friends.
Let me think about that, ok?

Miranda Barzey said...

You said "Awesome Sauce"! Yay!

Tori said...

Funnily enough, we are going to be in your area tomorrow night to visit friends. If I could drink right now, I would totally take you up on that Red Wine Party!

Melissa said...

If I put red food coloring into my white wine, would that suffice? :P

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks, everyone!

Miranda, I got Awesome Sauce from you. :o)

We've been fighting sickness here, or I'd have sent out a formal invitation to spill red wine and grape juice on the carpets. Maybe next weekend?