Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flat Ryan Update!

The Flat Ryan Project is off to an amazing start! We have 33 wonderful volunteers across the US, and in several other countries, too.

Flat Ryan is or will be visiting the following states: Virginia, New York, Missouri, Oregon, Maryland, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, California, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Alaska, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. And I believe he'll be going on adventures to other states, too--these states are the homes of his hosts.

Flat Ryan can also be found (or will be visiting) in the following exotic international locales: Wales, Canada, England, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, and Argentina.

Really, isn't that a fantastic turnout? :o)

We sent out a large batch early last week, and will send the second batch out tomorrow or the next day. If you haven't received your Flat Ryan yet, then you're probably in the second group (unless you live in Wales or Canada or Japan--in which case, Hold your horses! It's a-coming!). If you've volunteered and haven't heard back from me, please let me know. I think I've responded to everyone, but it's possible I've missed you.

And I think I should officially end the volunteer period--we've had such a tremendous response. If you're disappointed about not being able to participate, don't worry--I have two more children! :o)

We've already begun to receive some pictures of Flat Ryan on adventures--getting to know his home(s)-away-from-home, attending real live grownup office peopleguy meetings, and visiting the beach! From time to time, with the permission of the volunteers, I'll post some of the pictures.

The next steps in our project include:

  • Sending out Batch #2;
  • Printing the pictures and narratives received to date and putting them in a 3 ring binder;
  • Choosing a Flat Ryan pin color, and marking all of the Flat Ryan locations on our big maps with map pins (which I'll post a picture of here at some point).

So thanks to all of our volunteers! I hope you are having fun with this project. Remember, there's absolutely no rush, so just take Flat Ryan out in your part of the world when you can, and send us an email when it's convenient for you.

And again, a great big THANK YOU (from me, and the 3D Ryan)!!!!


jody said...

Wonderful! Please post the Flat Ryan pictures as they come in!

Beth said...

You have permission to post any photos I send.