Friday, January 08, 2010

Rambling Friday

It's been a crazy week, getting back to real life and everything! Some of the craziness was anticipated, but some wasn't. Here's a taste:

Snow and Ice! As a Yankee, I used to scoff at my fellow Atlantans when real live winter weather was visited upon our fair city. Now, I, too, have learned to fear it. Not because I don't know how to drive in it--because OTHER people don't know how to drive in it. And we lack salt trucks. Also, it's 19 degrees right now, which is officially Pretty. Darn. Cold. no matter where you encounter it. I want my global warming, dammit!

Sean's conjunctivitis is much better, but we must pin him down and do eye drops three times a day for four more days. I tried to do it while he was sleeping yesterday, because I'd read that that's a good way to sneak them in with minimal trauma. EPIC FAIL, in case you were wondering.

We actually got to go to the pediatrician twice this week! Yesterday, poor Sean had his regularly scheduled check up. He's fine and perfect (naturally). Slightly tall (58th percentile), weight is proportional to his height (50th percentile I think). Sputnik-head (89th percentile). Pronounced "wow, he's EXTREMELY strong" by the doctor who was trying to do that hip/leg wiggle thing they do to them. Sean was extremely irritated, to say the least, about having to endure two doctor trips in three days. It wasn't that much fun for the rest of us either, if the truth must be told.

Homeschool co-op started up again this week! I think I'll like the schedule for this session, a 10am class and a 1pm class for both big kids. Nice long lunch break in-between. Robotics was a HUGE hit with Ryan, and Morgan had fun in Egyptology. The teacher suggested we send in a smock with her, since they'll be doing tons of craft projects. This will be a perfect class for her! :o)

Also, I learned that there will be a Science Fair next month, hosted partly by our co-op (it's coordinated by some different moms though). I think the big kids will probably want to participate, and Brendan is going to help them with this. Should be fun. Morgan came up with a good project idea all on her own!

Ryan did really well on his Blue Belt test last night. We have a movie of him breaking his board (with a Turn Front Kick) and might post it on the FamBlog this weekend. He'll find out Monday if he earned his belt, but from what I saw, he probably did.

I'm still not on the Floor Peopleguy Schedule, but that's not from fear--we had to have the estimate revised and I think I will call them this afternoon. Turns out it will be even cheaper than we thought because the original estimate was for hardwoods, not laminate. Yay.

Also, can I just say that I'm so tired of this Coughing Thing I've had for the last 10 days or so? It's finally going away, yay. I haven't had a Coughing Thing in ever so long, and I've decided to come out strongly AGAINST ever having one again. Yes, I've been taking my vitamin D3 and my levels are fairly decent (48). I suspect though, that even D3 can't prevent everything, and so it was just time to get sick, you know? But damn. Enough already.

And wow, have I ever been remiss in not sharing the JOY AND HAPPINESS that is Beatles Rock Band for the Wii! The rest of it arrived the other day and it's just as fun as I'd hoped it would be! Thanks to 'No Fail Mode' we can ALL play and not worry about being bad enough to get kicked off of the tour (or whatever it is). The kids have improved on both drums and guitar, and both were proud as can be when they scored in the 90-something-percents for singing "Eight Days a Week!"

Now that I'm feeling better, and we're officially Back in the Swing of Things, I will be tackling my To Do List with reckless abandon . . . tomorrow. It's time to go play Rock Band again. :o)


Dawn said...

I, too, received Beatles Rock Band (Xbox 360 version) for Christmas, and I am a wee bit obsessed. My favorite instrument is the guitar, and I have cycled through the entire song list on easy. Now, I'm going back through on medium. I LOVE it!!!!!

Daisy said...

Pink eye is ever so much fun. NOT. I've come to the conclusion that the only way to tackle it in my house is just to do both kid's eyes at once and get it over with.

Ha ha, I'm laughing at your Atlantians driving in frigid weather. My brother was just lamenting the same thing about Alabamians (he's in Montgomery).