Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some Good Things

In as-they-jump-into-my-head-and-out-of-my-fingers order:

Sean's been doing this for months now, but it's still so awesomely funny and sweet. Whenever somebody says "Who wants to go to the store?" or "Who's ready for dinner?" or "Who wants to go upstairs and help me with the laundry?" Sean gets all excited and shouts: "MEEEeeeeee!" And sometimes he'll give me a "Not Meeeeee!" He has such a little guy voice and it's super cute.

Also, Sean is a DANCER. There's a movie on the FamBlog (which I intend to update again in my lifetime, don't worry). Lately, he's added some funky hand-waving motions, and last night, an Elvis Pelvis move.

The Morgany Girl is finally FINALLY not balking at having her hair brushed regularly--and she's even amenable to pulling it back out of her face! Also, the other day when I was detangling a horrible mess, she didn't cry or whine about pain. When I turned her around to work on the side, I mentioned this lack of whining, thinking that I'd done such a good job of being extra gentle. Suddenly, she remembered that she was supposed to be complaining, and did some phony whining throughout the rest of the hairbrushing. Hmph. At least I know she's not truly hurting.

As she approaches her 5th birthday at the end of March, I'm noticing a distinct maturity about her. There really is something new and different around the age of 5, have you noticed? I remember that about Ryan, too. She is independent and engaged and imaginative and really enjoys a good pun.

Also, she's not a dog quite as often as she used to be! Don't get me wrong--she's usually a dog at least once or twice a day. But every so often, she'll skip a day. And her play is different, albeit dog-centric. Usually, she wants to play Pet Store. Sometimes she's the owner of the Pet Store and I have to go shopping for one of her stuffed animals. Sometimes I'm the owner and she's the customer. Sometimes there is a pretend owner so I can be the customer and she can be the dog that I buy. At bathtime, we play Dolphin Pet Store, and she's always the lucky dolphin who gets to come and live with me in my home. This child has been a dog for about 2.5 - 3 years now, and honestly, I'm welcoming the change in our play.

Speaking of moving up maturity-wise, Ryan is really growing up, too. He's been helping us prepare for our floor installation, and he is such a hard worker (when he wants to be!). He was so extra helpful yesterday that I wanted to do something nice for him, so I folded all of his laundry for him. And he was genuinely appreciative of the gesture, and pleased, and then . . . he doubled his efforts! He also impressed me the other day in handling an issue with Taekwondo, but I'll write that up as a separate post I think.

We emptied out the Music Room yesterday and it will become the Staging Area (see this note) for the laminate that Brendan will pick up from the store today. The wood needs to acclimate to the house prior to installation, and now we have a big old empty spot for it to go! Today, I'll work on The Computer Room. It feels good to finally make progress on this project. It's a Big Pain, but I know we'll be much happier when we get rid of this nasty carpet and dust mites. Any ideas about where I can get some throw rugs on the cheap?

Here are a couple new discoveries I've made that make life enjoyable and easier:

  • Breve Lattes at Starbucks (thanks to Kelly!) It's like a regular latte, only they use steamed half-and-half instead of milk. Oh my. Also, fewer carbs I think.
  • I've been cooking more regularly, partly because it's healthier and partly because it's cheaper. I've been buying packages of chicken drumsticks (12 large drumsticks for about $6) and it's the perfect meal for us! Everyone gets a drumstick (a problem for families with more than 2 kids!), and we all get the dark meat we love.

That's about it for now! Must get back to my busy day of floor prep--Brendan just left to go get the first load of laminate, in the pouring thundering rain--and football later (pulling for a Colts-Saints Superbowl!). Have a great Sunday!

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Amy said...

I just cooked up a batch of drumsticks last night. Try the chicken thighs, too. Same price per pound, at least at my store, and I find them meatier and tastier. Saving money is fun, huh?