Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things About Today

We are having a rocking-good day! Wanna know why?
  • Ryan talked nonstop for 97 minutes. I timed it.
  • We had a lovely errand excursion--three stops, including gas station, bank machine, and three stores. No melting, lots of leisurely browsing (which is hard for me to do personally), no unnecessary purchases!
  • I've been pretty productive in general, which is surprising to me considering I'm on Day Two of Crappy Sleep, brought to you by Boy of Snot.
  • It's 53 degrees today! :o) The older kids went out and made some Vitamin D the old-fashioned way.
  • We have a babysitter coming tonight!

Conversation of the Day:

A woman stopped me while we were shopping around Super Target to ask, "Did I just hear your son use the phrase 'reconnaissance mission plan'?"

This was during the marathon talking thing, and I have to admit that I'd not been listening because sometimes I'm not really interested in detailed plans about Remote Control Airports and Battle Plans to Keep Bad Guys away from the Remote Control Airport--yes, I said 'Airport' spaced out there a bit while making sure Morgan didn't wander off, browsing for a jacket for Sean, and trying to prevent him from climbing out of the shopping cart.

But knowing my son, I answered in the affirmative, "Yes. Yes, you did."

She just muttered something about "Wow." and "So smart." and "Probably going to run a business one day." And I smiled and said "Yup." or "Thanks." or something equally banal. (By the way, what do you say to comments like that anyway?)

Anyway, it was funny, because I'd forgotten that "reconnaissance mission plan" might be words you don't normally hear every day like I do at Super Target.


cara said...

hah! today at the library story time about dragons, my 6 yo son was trying to explain to the librarian that the dragon he was making during the craft portion was actually a hydra. She looked at me, just baffled, and asked me where he had learned about hydras (is that the plural?) . . . um, world of warcraft, and the toy his dad bought him, and maybe that dragon book we got out of this library in the fall? I dont really know .. .

Bill Brown said...

I tend to go with banalities personally. As if anyone could possibly assess the intelligence, aptitudes, or career path of my children from an utterance?

Now if my kids were misbehaving and someone said, "Looks like they're on the prison track" I'd probably have a more meaningful exchange.

jody said...

An awesome vocabulary is an excellent reflection on his teacher!

Jennifer Snow said...

@Bill Brown:

It's not that they're offering some sort of accurate assessment, as that they're being benevolent (well, except in the "going to prison" case, that's just rude) and trying to give you a compliment.

Personally, I think one thing you could do that would be slightly-less-banal would be to say something (in this particular case) like "he is interested in the military" or "he works quite hard". This has little effect on the person you're talking to, but your kids are likely to hear this exchange and it never hurts to bolster the idea that it's hard work/attention/interest that gets you somewhere in life, not just being lucky to be "smart".

Ryan said...

@Jennifer - Excellent idea! In fact, "excellent" happens to be the word that my daughter used while at her 4-year check-up with the doctor. "Excellent" doesn't seem like that big of a word to me, but the doctor was impressed. This was immediately following the condescending eyeroll that I received for stating that I was homeschooling my daughter (instead of preschool). It was a small win that made me feel better about the doctor's rude response.

It was actually quite a shock to me that they only expected her to be able to recognize basic shapes and colors. Up until that point I thought we were lagging behind with only having learned letters, numbers and some sight words. Of course it's all relative to the child, but according to them, we were ahead of the game.