Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Things

My friend Kelly went and got a trampoline, and we are planning to jump on it this afternoon. I told the kids that we'd need to pick up a bit around here before we left, since the mess had reached epic proportions, and I simply didn't want to deal with it when we returned. Originally, I told them that was the only thing I needed before we left for Kelly's.

Turns out, I need two things: some help picking up, and patience. :o)

Upon discovering this about myself, I told them I'd need to amend our agreement--help picking up AND some patience for me would be required before we could leave. The longer this takes, the less time we'll have to spend jumping.

Things that suck away my patience include: having to interrupt my work to make the teasing and shrieking stop, and being Repeaty. I am in control of how often I repeat things, true. So now all I am saying is "I feel Repeaty! My Patience is going away!"

I am getting the most willing, and least arguing, help from them in a very, very long while!

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