Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

We have The Sick here. :( Mostly it's just Ryan, and perhaps me.

The first clue that Ryan is getting sick (besides X-Treme Whine) is that he A.) stops talking, and B.) falls asleep in some crazy random place, like the floor of the kitchen next to the dishwasher. I am not making this up.

He ran a high fever for a while and was talking all kinds of Crazy Talk. I went to check on him and he was freaking out about the tomatoes that were fighting each other over his head. It would have been funnier had he not been soooo sick. Also, he was convinced he was going to die, and you know what? It's hard enough to have conversations with him about mortality anyway, but it's just really not helpful to anyone to have to have them while he's hysterical with fever. Just sayin.'

He was better this morning, and I was filled with hope for the rest of us. But then he started up with the fever again, and napped this afternoon. Poor thing. No other symptoms, though! No puking (thank god) or sniffling or coughing. Just this high fever + whine. So I suppose that's a Good Thing.

Me, I'm fine, only my tonsils apparently got the sense that there was Sickness around here, and decided to just mildly start to hurt me, as if to remind me that they could take me down if they wanted to. What's that about? What'd I ever do to them, I'd like to know!!!!?!?!?!?!?

Sean seems extra clingy and nursey, so I predict he'll be the next one to fall. Morgan seemed warm to me earlier, but her natural body temperature is just slightly warmer than everyone else in the house, which makes it difficult for me to figure out. (And there's no thermometer in sight, probably since most of our stuff is still upstairs!)

Oh yeah! The Science Fair is on Thursday, and we still have to finish up their presentation boards and then go. I hope everyone is feeling okay to participate. I think Morgan will be very sad if she misses it. I have no idea if Ryan even cares that much.

I will say this, though . . . that kid is awfully snuggly when he's sick. So I'm kind of enjoying that part, which feels a little bit wrong, enjoying the opportunity that comes from someone else's misery. :o) Sean hates it though, since I'm not allowed to hold anyone else ever. So at least someone is miserable at all times!

So if you don't see us around for a couple of days, now you know why!

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