Monday, February 08, 2010

Good Things (Monday Morning Edition)

1. The Sun! It's still there, it really is!

2. Getting back to our normal routine. I'm really, really ready. On the agenda for this week--homeschool co-op and a trip to the wholesale club and putting things back in order.

3. Speaking of putting things back in order, I'm using this floor opportunity to declutter a bit. I've decided that I'm going to bring things back downstairs IF AND ONLY IF : A.) I love it or need it, and B.) I have a place to keep it. This includes toys. We'll put anything left over upstairs into the spring garage sale.

4. Bonus Good Thing: The Saints. :o) Honestly, I like both teams, but I'm so proud of Drew Brees and the Saints. Now I'm wishing I'd taken the chance to go up and talk to him when we were eating at the same restaurant in Tampa, Florida ten years ago. And not that I'd wish food allergies on anyone, Ryan was interested to learn that Drew Brees has multiple food allergies. He's getting to the age/stage of feeling that it's nice not to be alone in this. I like the idea of him knowing that his food allergy doesn't need to hold him back in life. :o)

Happy Monday!

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