Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hey there! I haven't had time to write anything particularly thoughtful or interesting today (wow, what a day!), so I figured I might as well send you to some particularly thoughtful or interesting posts written by others. It's the least (no really, the very least) I can do.

Here they are, in no particular order:

I'm a minority-within-a-minority-within-a-minority-etc: Secular Homeschoolers: Darwinfish out of water. (It's lame, but I'm counting this as my Secular Thursday post!)

Kelly has a nice homeschooling day in the life post. Fun.

Also, she has a really awesome post about NOT living a child-centered life. That may sound counter-intuitive, for a "stay" at home Mommy type to believe you shouldn't make your life too child-centered (not to mention, logistically difficult), but I agree with Kelly 100%. If you make everything all about them, they get a skewed idea of how the world works and their place in it and what adults really do.

Food Allergy Assistant has the new edition of the Living with Food Allergies blog carnival (and my ranty post is in it--you knew it would be!).

I love to read blogs written by parents who have kids older than mine. It's a nice glimpse into the future. Or, sometimes a somewhat frightening glimpse. Topsy-Techie writes about a stage of child development that is, in her eloquent phrasing, crap. Oh my! After the day I had with Ryan, I have serious doubts as to whether either of us will make it past his teen years. That could be the exhaustion talking.

And just for fun, go over to my friend C. August's blog and take a gander at how Bob Vila he is. I'm impressed!

And now that Brendan is finally home, I'm going to collapse in a heap. Sadly, that's not literally true--I will be up with a sick baby for a long while. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Linkie Love, Jenn!!

Rational Jenn said...

You're welcome. And thank YOU for having older children and providing me with a glimpse of things to come. Even though I'm now scared to death! :o)