Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Round Up is Here!

It's hot and fresh and at 3 Ring Binder!

It's going to be a long day. I was up half the night with a feverish toddler guy. So hard to be sick when so small--he has no idea what's happening, and boy, is he pissed about it! :(

On a day like today, we'd normally hang out in front of the tv take it easy, but today is Science Fair day at the homeschool co-op! Happily, neither of my children who are participating are ill (any more). I can put Sean in the sling and hopefully he won't contaminate the place with his cooties will be happy snuggled up next to me while we're there. I hate bringing cootie-bearing kids into public places, but this is a One Day Only kind of thing, and both Morgan and Ryan have worked hard on their projects.

After that's done, we'll come home and watch insane amounts of tv rest. Brendan won't be home until late, either. He has one of those departmental-bonding-dinner-things today. They're going BOWLING (and now I'm singing "Take the computer geeks bowling, take them bowling....") and then to dinner at Maggiano's.

You know something? I used to hate those departmental-bonding-dinner-things when I had a Real Job (tm), but I'm a little jealous of him today. Not but that I hate bowling, of course. But I could go for dinner at Maggiano's! (Bring me some leftovers, sweetie!)

In all seriousness, I'm glad I get to see the Science Fair. The kids are very excited and proud (but Ryan has declared that he doesn't want to talk to anyone he doesn't know, so I'm thinking the presentation to the judges portion of the program is a no-go). I'll take pics and report on it. I know Brendan is sorry to be missing that today. And really, a snuggly (though cranky) baby thing isn't such a bad job either.

Now . . . off for more coffee . . .

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