Monday, February 01, 2010

Tonsil Update & Mini LinkFest

So, it turns out that you really can't use willpower to overcome a pretty serious bacterial infection of your tonsils. Well, maybe YOU can, but I can't. After several days of muscling through the pain, taking the maximum daily dosage of ibuprofen, things just suddenly got worse. Nothing I took or did touched the pain. Boo.

So I hied me hither to yon Urgent Care the next day and came home with four prescriptions! I think the steroids and tylenol + codeine were overkill, since I haven't even taken those. Things are mostly back to normal, but I lost several days of productivity due to pain and sheer exhaustion. But at least I'm on the mend!

I was so wiped out that Brendan and his mom (kind soul that she is) did most of the prep work for the floor installation over the weekend. The playroom is cleaned out! (Those of you who've seen it in real life will appreciate the sheer magnitude of that endeavor.) I've got a few more books and things in my office (aka, "The Computer Room"), just a couple more things to move in the kitchen (I realized belatedly that all of the stuff I cram next to the fridge will have to go), and we'll take down our electronics Wednesday night.

Even though we've been working her to death, I think my mother-in-law is having a nice time. She and the big kids are baking brownies at the moment. She's played chess and Stratego, and done many art projects, and played Pet Store, and listened to stories about Hoplites and dogs, and made friends with Sean. We introduced her to Beatles Rock Band last night, and that was fun, too. We like to keep Nonnie busy when she comes, even when we don't have major home improvement projects underway.

We missed going to the cabin, which still has Christmas decorations up (!), because of some winter weather in North Georgia. Just didn't feel like sliding down the mountain. So that has yet to be done. I'll think about it tomorrow, in Scarlett-fashion.

Thursday's our big day, and because of my allergies, not to mention my recovery from tonsillitis, we're staying at a hotel Thursday and Friday night. Super fun! Tried to find one with an indoor pool, but no luck.

So that's the sitch! I hope to get some kind of interesting and thoughtful post up soon, but it may be next week. Why don't I send you to a good post written by someone else instead? There's so many to choose from, but here's--

Kelly Hogaboom wrote: "Thank you for your public service, and yet I have some thoughts I'd like to share" (found this via Twitter, @FreeRangeKids and @DianaHsieh). Her daughter was walking home from swim practice, and was picked up by a policeman who very kindly delivered her home. A great piece about safety and paranoia and walking the thin line in between.

Jim Woods has excerpts from George Washington's first State of the Union address. A breath of fresh air, from over 200 years ago.

Jane Nelsen links to another Positive Discipline advocate's list of things to say instead of 'no.' Quick and simple to grasp; makes a world of difference in everyone's attitudes.

So. There it is. (And if you know the movie I'm referring to here--it might be obscure, or it really might not; I have no idea--you get a zillion gold stars!)


C. August said...

You mean the movie reference is "So. There it is."?

No clue. Though I'd guess as soon as you spill the answer I will have a "duh!" moment.

For some reason I'm thinking John Cusack in High Fidelity.

Anonymous said...

Love that free range article (well, ok, it was a bit wordy). I'm not quite that radical, I admit, but sometimes I'm suprised how overprotective my husband is . . and he ran quite wild as a kid.

jody said...

Ouch! Feel better soon! Sounds like the MIL has things well in hand.

Bill Brown said...

"Wordy" is being charitable. It was meandering, chock full of digressions, and all over the place.

Not to mention there's a certain irony in hiding her main point that she wishes that people would leave her alone to parent as she sees fit while she self-righteously chides them publicly for doing the same. I guess in her mind it's completely different because she doesn't call the police or otherwise confront their bad parenting.

C. August said...

But on a serious note. . .what is the movie reference?

Kelly Hogaboom said...

Thanks for the link, Jenn! I had so much positive feedback for my "wordy" (or to quote Bill, "meandering" post). - which isn't really an article, is my journal.

It's hard being a parent sometimes, eh?