Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's That Inside My Head?

Okay, I just signed up for this little service that allows you, Dear Reader, to ask me Anything. You can even be anonymous if you want.

I can't promise that I'll answer every question, but I'll try to get to the most interesting ones in a timely manner. I'll probably Tweet the answer, but maybe I'll post the more interesting answers here. I just don't know quite how I'll use this yet, to be completely honest.

So, go on . . . I know you've been dying to know what the first record (yes, record) I ever bought with my own money was, or similarly important things. Oh, and I'll post this form on the sidebar, too, so you will always have an easy way to pick my brains!

UPDATE: And for some reason, this form doesn't show in my Google Reader, so you may need to click over, Dear Reader!

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