Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Catching Up

Since I just KNOW you can't stand it if I don't tell you everything that happens in my life, I'll fill you in on Important Things from the Recent Past and Near Future. It's no trouble a-tall.

Shea and Alyssa and Miranda came for a visit, and we had a really fun time getting to know each other in real life. We virtually knew each other, of course, so it wasn't as if we had completely random strangers off the street staying in the guest rooms (as we are wont to do*), but there's no substitute for The Real Thing, I think.

Kelly came over and played with us (the whole weekend felt like a big playdate for grownups), and of course Brendan and Aaron were there, too. Actually, for Brendan and Aaron, the weekend might have been a little strange, since they have more productive things to do with their lives than Twitter and blog are less active online than Kelly and I.

Some highlights:

  • Talking and talking and talking (yay)
  • There are now three more people in the world who understand exactly what I mean when I write on the blog, regarding Ryan : "There's no way I can possibly capture what he said verbatim, so I'll just try to sum up."
  • Party at the house of our friends, and meeting John and Ansley and other Objectivists.
  • Watching Sean and Morgan and Ryan be "free-range" with long pointed marshmallow roasting sticks + large roaring fire.
  • A photo shoot, that was pretty cute, although I realized once it was going that I ought to have tried to influence the choosing of the kids' outfits, since they are decidedly NOT matchy (but appropriate to each child, so I think that's something, too).
  • Henna tattoos! (Next time I'll get one....I kept meaning to, but kept getting busy and forgetting to ask.)
  • Beatles Rock Band, natch.
  • The kids had fun with lots of new people to bend to their wills play with them and listen to them and draw pictures with them and worry them that they might be the babysitter and Mom and Dad are probably going to disappear imminently.
  • Talking to Rory via the magicks of the internets, and especially watching him interact with The People.
  • Meatza!
  • Cutest Moment of the weekend: Morgan, dressed all in pink and white, running into the house to give Brendan a fistful of dandelions she'd picked.

And I'm sure I'm missing a few things. The weather nicened up (I just made that word up and I like it) and it was about fricking time, in my opinion. So we all got to see sunshine!

It was a really nice time. Shea and Alyssa and Miranda were super fun and nice and really patient with the kids. Hanging out with college-y people reminded me of Brendan and me and C. and some of the silly stuff we used to do. Good times, and though I'm very happy to be right where I am (and even looking forward to turning 40 this year in a way), it was a nice feeling, to be taken back a little. I only felt really old when someone pointed out that they're closer in age to my kids than to me! But then the Old went away and I felt like Me again. Besides, like a nice Scotch, I only improve with age, baby!

Our guests all left for other parts yesterday, and we have a few days of Getting Back to our Normal Routine before said routine gets shot all to hell again. Somehow I have to get up to the cabin and back twice, to repair our gate before our new property managers get us officially listed as available for rent by March 15. Kelly and I are taking a two-day Positive Discipline workshop on Friday and Saturday, which will be fun, but also change our routine. And I have so much laundry and moving books back downstairs and grocery shopping and stuff for AOS and ideas for the blog and other things to do . . . and it's really really hard to want to do any of these things now that Spring is finally here!

So I guess I ought to go off and take a few steps in the right direction toward these worthy goals. Or possibly just sit outside with a book and watch the kids play. Decisions, decisions . . .

*Made you look! I'm really just kidding about that.

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