Thursday, March 04, 2010

Conversation of the Day

Here's something I bet many parents have never heard their kid say from the back of the car:

Ryan: "Hey Mom! You know what? Hitler and I are a lot alike, you know why?"

Me: "Um? Uh . . . why?"

Ryan (the following is only a rough estimate of his narration, content and style, since there's no possible way I can get this verbatim outside of having him miced* 24/7): "Well, we both like battles and wars and have lots of soldiers, well, I plan to have lots of soldiers I mean. Also I am going to take over the world, and that's what Hitler wanted to do."

Me: " . . . !"

Ryan continued cheerfully: "So yeah I'm going to have lots of soldiers and take over the world. Only I'M going to take over the whole world for Freedom. What I mean is, I'll take over a country, and then I'll say 'If you guys want Freedom, then you can have your country back.' And then I'll give it back and they can be free."

Me: "What will you do if they don't want Freedom?"

Ryan, innocently unconscious of any contradiction inherent in his words: "Well, then I'll show them all of my soldiers and AT-ATs and robots and then I'll say 'If you don't want Freedom, then I guess we'll have to fight.' And then they'll prob'ly be all scared and say 'Okay, OKAY! We'll take some Freedom!' because they'll be so scared of me and my soldiers. But if they don't, I'll just run their country until they want Freedom."

Sometimes I really really wonder just who it is I'm raising. By the way, you are all put on notice that Ryan will be taking over the whole world one day. He'll ask you a question. Choose wisely. :o)

*I looked it up.


Thanita Glancey said...

Commander in Chief Ryan. For future reference, I choose freedom. Thank you.

Home Education Family - Melbourne said...

Oh dear! It appears that Miss E and Ryan might be at loggerheads one day in the future.

Or they'll cooperate nicely and really take over the world...

Vicki said...

Well, if someone tries to take over the world with AT-ATs, I guess I know who to blame.

Matthew said...

Conversation of the decade is more like it! Love the independent thought there.

C. August said...

When he says stuff like this, do you discuss the contradictions with him? Or the facts of Hitler that he can contextually understand?

Jenn Casey said...

:o) Thanks for your comments everyone!

C., as you probably imagine, the quick answer to your question is Yes. What's missing from this little post here is the context of many, MANY conversations we've had with him about Hitler (among other rulers/dictators/crazy people).

In fact, what he volunteered about Hitler tells a lot about what he knows about him--that he wanted to take over the world and loved battles. But Ryan also knows Hitler was a Supreme Bad Guy, which tells in how Ryan wants to be different from Hitler--R knows Freedom is Good, Hitler is Bad, and therefore, if he's going to be like Hitler in controlling the world and leading armies, he's going to do it for a Good Reason.

I did try to get him to see how forcing people to choose freedom isn't exactly free (on this many other occasions), and he just can't quite wrap his head around that idea yet. But he'll figure that out as his brains grow, and listening to Mr. Powell helps, too, because Mr. P. is good at describing the effects of rulers and governments to kids his age. Also, he'll have to come to terms with the idea that he will never rule the world before he can get over this particular conundrum, I think. :)

Vallin said...

The beatings will continue until morale improves. Same thing we do every night: Think of a way to take over the world.