Thursday, March 11, 2010

LinkFest for a Thursday

Any Thursday edition of a Linkfest simply must begin with the latest Objectivist Round Up, found at Titanic Deck Chairs!

I'm keeping an eye on the recent developments in Colorado regarding Amazon's decision to discontinue its Associates program for bloggers based in that state. Ari and Diana have written about the situation, and they have a new website going, too. This is important for every blogger who participates in the Amazon Associates program (which I do), or any similar program. If it can happen in Colorado, it can happen in any state.

Speaking of state legislatures, I'm disappointed not to have received any sort of response from my Senator regarding my email yesterday. Not even a form letter. Boo.

This was a really, really interesting post: Teen Slacker Mentality and Phony Homeschool Moms. So interesting to get a glimpse into life with preteens/teenagers, particularly in a homeschooling situation. Good stuff to think about, especially as I seem to have to deal with teenage attitude from the not-quite-eight-year-old.

In peanut allergy news, word of the results of two new studies is in. These papers were presented at a American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) conference a couple of weeks ago. For the first time, a double-blind placebo controlled study demonstrated that oral immunotherapy is a viable treatment (not cure) for peanut allergies! The second study showed that some of the participants in the study were able to tolerate peanut after the treatment had stopped (this has been a concern). Dr. Burks (a well-known food allergy researcher, who is in charge of this study at Duke) said:

“We are now trying to identify characteristics in those subjects who were able to stop the therapy to better understand who might be a good candidate for this treatment.”

In other words, they are still trying to understand why the treatment worked on some, but not others, and hopefully will be able to determine why. If they can figure out why, it will help both groups (those who couldn't tolerate and those who could).

Note--these are very small, very controlled clinical studies. This is only the beginning, but what a step down the road toward a cure! I'm not a doctor, so I can only just grasp the enormity of what they must understand in order to cure food allergies. But I think I understand enough to know that This is Big. Wow.

And finally, don't forget! If you're in Atlanta next Tuesday night, our first Atlanta Objectivist Society Social is happening! Click 'Socials' on our website to sign up and get more info.

Wow, I have so many interesting things I'd love to write about in my head, and I hope I can do some more writing this afternoon. I'll probably be too busy to write much tomorrow or Saturday, due to the workshop I'm going to! And, alas, laundry and children keep calling me--some for information about the Peloponnesian Wars or reading or snacks or for some other pressing reason.

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