Saturday, March 20, 2010

O Blog, I Have Neglected Thee!

It's been one of those weeks. Not one of Those Weeks, a phrase in which those capitalized words have a rather menacing tone, which is good. Nothing about this week was menacing--just BUSY.

The first AOS event was a huge success! Of the 80-ish people who signed up for our announcements list, about 28-30 showed up to our Social! I met some really nice people, and tried very hard to talk to everyone who was new to me, but I'm sure I missed some folks. Brendan and I didn't get to eat anything until the Social was nearly over, we were so busy talking and mingling and introducing, etc.

The peopleguy I spoke to at the restaurant when I was arranging things told me "Tuesday nights were pretty dead anyway" so not to fear we'd have a lot of room in the open area near the bar. She must have told that to the other large group, too--it was really crowded. But that's okay, one of the guys at that other event wandered over to us later that evening after his original group was dissipating and joined us! How's that for increasing membership? They do have a room available for reservation, and I heard from many there that they might be interested in trying that, so we'll give that a try next time, just to see how we like the change.

Now that things are officially up and running with AOS, I'm going to hand off chunks of the responsibility to some willing folks, which is good, because I need to get some of this information out of my head and tasks off of my task-list. I knew this would be a lot of work at the beginning, and as different pieces get going it will continue to be somewhat labor-intensive, but I have so many other things I want to do in my life, too, so I'm happy to share the labor as much as I can. And I'm really happy that I know so many awesome people who are willing to do my bidding help out for their own selfish reasons, too. :o)

So there was that. But this week was also a week in which we had homeschool co-op; homeschool soccer started up (both Ryan and Morgan are playing this time); Ryan decided to drop taekwondo for a little while (which will free up quite a bit of time for all of us); Sean caught yet another cold; Daylight Savings Time happened (which meant the kids were super-difficult to get to bed at night because they are all creatures of routine and even one hour's difference screws us all up); Ryan finally figured out what he wants to do for his birthday so we planned that; I gave Morgan her first piano lessons; we took a trip up to the cabin to get it ready finally for the new cabin peopleguys and hand over the cabin keys to the new cabin peopleguys; I did even more cabin-related things (and I'm so happy we have new cabin peopleguys, even though I still even MORE stuff to do for the transition!); oh . . . and a zillion other things.

Some interesting links to tide you over until I can write again (very soon, I hope!):

  • I'm distressed about the healthcare stuff to no end, even though some would say I ought to be thanking the rest of America for being willing to pay for Brendan's Type 1 diabetes, a very expensive chronic condition to be saddled with . . . . I was encouraged to read that there's at least one state in the Union that is prepared to fight this! All hope is not lost!

Busy. But happily busy! :o) Life is good.


Amy said...

Wow, what a week! Will you tell more about the piano lessons? I want to start something with Sammy - it may be a bit early - but I'm still struggling with what exactly to do.

Jenn Casey said...

It's so funny. As much as Morgan is exactly like Brendan, there's a little of ME in her, too. :o) I was about her age when I started pestering my mom for piano lessons, and picked out tunes on the piano by ear. Morgan started doing that about 4-5 months ago, but I wasn't really going to jump on piano lessons at that moment for a number of reasons--mostly I wanted time to gauge her interest.

When I was 4, I saw my mom and my grandmother (who was very, very talented and nearly went to Julliard but decided to get married instead!) play piano and organ at church. I don't play often now, but I do sometimes play. We have the very same piano my parents bought when I was 4, and so even though I don't play very often, it's THERE, looking at her.

We started with the same book my mom used for me, John Thompson's "Teaching Little Fingers to Play." It's pretty logical in the way it explains concepts, and I remember loving it as a child. Morgan really took to it, too. I know there are lots of programs out there, and if this program doesn't pan out, I suppose I'll evaluate them when the time comes.

Her friend Livy has been taking piano at homeschool co-op, and it was evident that Livy had shared some of her knowledge with Morgan. :o) So she's off to a good start, and knows where middle C is, the "numbers" of her fingers, the names of the keys A - E, and has even played a little song (this is the first two lessons in our book).

I hear that usually people don't recommend piano until age 7 or so, but I don't know why. Morgan is conceptually ahead of her age-peers in many ways (as I was), and the interest is there, so I don't mind teaching her. I'm not planning to push it if she wants to stop it though, she is still quite young.

We'll see how it goes! It's kind of cool, I feel like I'm following a family tradition, a tradition that I really like!

Amy said...

I think the age 7 thing comes from the idea that you're going to start a traditional program, learning to read music and all that. I'm certainly not going to do anything like that yet. The Suzuki method can be started as soon as the child can sit at the keyboard and focus for 10 minutes or so. It's more like music-appreciation and getting acquainted with how to sit and push the keys properly at the beginning. I'm also looking into Yahama, which I think is very similar. I'll look up Thompson's book, too. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Jenn Casey said...

Oh, I get it. JT does teach them how to read music, so it's not like Suzuki or anything. I would say that it's probably more suitable for kids who know how to read, which is probably the age 7-ish crowd.

I'd be interested to hear what you think of it, if you look over the book yourself. Any large music store that sells piano music is likely to carry it. Do you play? Which program did you learn with?

Like I said, we'll see how it goes. I'm not planning to get out the kitchen timer or anything just yet (my most-hated aspect of piano lessons). It's just for fun and because she seems so interested in it. I'll keep you posted! :o)