Thursday, March 11, 2010

Secular Thursday

Hey, I remembered! :o)

This Secular Thursday, I'll re-post my answer to a question that someone asked me on Formspring.

jenn, is this swing to the right in America, more secular than the prior few?

Interesting question. [Disclaimer: Politics in the high-level abstract is not my strong suit. I'm much better at dealing with politics in a focused way, on concrete issues, preferably locally and/or in a specific area that matters a lot to me.]

If by "swing to the right" you mean the Tea Party Movement, then I guess I'd say that I *hope* there really is a swing--not so much "to the right" as "away from the road to blatant socialism."

I see small signs that the resistance to the march to socialism is secular, and I sure hope it sticks. For example, when I was in contact with religious folks during the tea party efforts last year, nobody batted an eyelash about my non-religiosity (is that a word?). That could have been an issue, but it wasn't--I was even invited to record a speech at the Tax Day Tea Party in Atlanta.

Was this acceptance merely due to the fact that like-minded (but not same-minded) folks were willing to shoulder up with each other and stand up for ideas they had in common? Maybe. Maybe that's all it was. I really don't know--but I know that I'm still in contact with many of those people, and we are still working towards the same goals.

I'll say this though--and it's less to do with politics than just My Life--my atheist/secular status is really less of a deal than it ever used to be. I have all kinds of people who read my blog or follow my tweets or are FB friends. Atheism as such isn't one of my particular interests, not something I feel like I need to advocate a lot, so I don't post on that topic as much as other topics that interest and pertain to me more (homeschooling, Objectivism, parenting, etc.). But I'm "out" there as an atheist, and it's not been such a big thing. Especially on the blog or Twitter, where Anonymous people lurk and sometimes offer unsolicited opinions on a variety of subjects.

I'm part of a large secular/inclusive homeschooling group, here in the South of all places. There are Christians and Jews and pagans and more. And I'm completely comfortable saying the words "I'm an atheist." I like that.

So, this response has been a little meandering, but hey, that's me! To sum up: "Maybe." and "I sure hope so."

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Crimson Wife said...

Maybe a better term than "secular" would be "pluralistic"? I strongly support an individual's right to practice whatever religion he or she chooses or to practice no religion whatsoever. I don't think it's government's job to be the morality police (among the many things that I don't believe is the government's job!)