Friday, April 16, 2010

MiniCon 2010 Update

Hey everyone! Check out the new information about our Independence Day weekend MiniCon, sponsored by the Atlanta Objectivist Society (and organized by Kelly Elmore)!

We have a list of the lectures and workshops, some pricing information, and a pre-registration form. If you are seriously interested in coming, please fill out our pre-reg form to help us get an idea of how many people might be showing up. :o)

I'll be leading the Bloggers Round Table, and Kelly and I are leading two parenting workshops. I'm so excited!

Also, I'd really appreciate it if you'd spread the word--RT the announcement on Twitter, link to this post, etc. I'll be doing other advertising, too, but this is just the first step.

Gotta go for now, in-laws due soon and I need coffee to deal with these monkey-spaz-bouncy kids.

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