Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cultivating the Virtues Podcast #4: Independence

This week’s podcast features a discussion on the virtue of Independence and how parents can encourage independence of thought and action in children. Here’s the lineup:

  • Situation of the Week (Kelly): Handling conflict with a child/choosing battles
  • Topic: Independence (begins 5:30)
  • Q&A: What are some ways to deal with kids interrupting? (begins 19:06)

As always, please leave us some feedback in the comments, or email us at You can also listen to the podcast by clicking on it just below, or you can visit our podcast home at Podbean and download it directly onto your mp3 player by clicking on the options just below the post.

I’m happy that we have finally streamlined our production process (all thanks to Brendan!) and it’s taking much less time for us to edit the raw podcast files. And starting with our next recording session (beginning with Podcast #9, as the first 8 have already been recorded), our process will become easier and quicker because we’ll have access to a Mac laptop. Hoo. Ray.

Many of our listeners have requested that we produce the podcast in iTunes format, and that is definitely on our list of things to do! We’ll make an announcement as soon as we get to that. In the meantime, thanks for listening and thanks for your patience! :o

And I'll just say here on my main blog--this podcasting thing is fun, but it's also stressful for the likes of me. I can't help but listen to it and critique myself excessively: I could have said X in a different way; or why didn't I use that example instead? I think I'm better at explaining myself when I can write it down and get my words to be just as precise as I can.

So please know that. :) Once the words are out of my mouth and recorded, there's no tweaking or fixing--it just is. Very nerve-wracking feeling, to be "out there" like that. Still, it's fun, just not my preferred way of communicating my ideas (yet).

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Amy said...

You and Kelly (and Brendan!) are doing an excellent job keeping the podcasts coming out regularly.