Sunday, May 30, 2010


In no particular order, here are some websites/blogs I think you should check out!

English Grammar Revolution I'm kind of a grammar geek, so this is neat.

I've forgotten to link to the last two Objectivist Round Up editions (sorry!). Here they are (were): at Trey Givens, and most recently, The Secular Foxhole. We've now reached 150 editions!

The Paleo Rodeo is another blog carnival I've recently started participating in. It's hosted at Modern Paleo, one of Diana's many fun projects. Here are the last two editions.

A new (to me) food allergy support group for those of us in Atlanta: Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta.

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Marnee said...

Wait a minute! Do they really not teach sentence diagramming anymore? I did this all through school. I graduated high school in '95. That wasn't that long ago (err maybe it was, heh). Gawd how things change.