Monday, May 31, 2010

OGrownups Monthly Summary for May

As you are no doubt aware, I am the manager of the OGrownups list:

OGrownups is an informal e-mail list for for Objectivists and others interested in raising and educating children well. Its basic purpose is to facilitate discussion amongst Objectivists about child development, discipline techniques, education methods, parenting resources, and more.

Any Objectivist interested in polite and practical discussion about raising and educating children rationally may subscribe and post to OGrownups -- including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, caregivers, and friends. Any Objectivist considering parenthood is also welcome to subscribe and post. Moreover, non-Objectivists are welcome to subscribe to the list, but only as lurkers; they cannot post.

Here are the stats for May!

New Members : 14

Total Members : 232

Topics covered:
  • Many blog posts shared (written by OG members)
  • News article: using tax money to bribe kids to read
  • Blog post and discussion: circumcision (against)
  • Movie recommendations for kids
  • Current news, including an article about the "moral life of babies," a kid suspended from school for Jolly Rancher possession (gasp!), and that smoking two-year-old (really gasp)
  • Will the anti-Happy Meal legislation being considered in CA become nationwide?
  • OCON playdate
  • A new member has a new baby due (exciting!)
  • Where to find medical procedure information for kids
  • Two grammar websites
  • A link to Katie Granju's (mamapundit) continuing heartbreaking story of her son's struggle with drugs, recent hospitalization, and sadly, his death (announced this evening)
  • Our CTV updates and some helpful tips from others to improve the podcast (thanks!)

Another jam-packed month at OGrownups! Our homepage is here, complete with information about how to join.

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