Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recent Adventures

Last week was the first week in FOREVER where we were free of pre-planned pre-paid out-of-the-house kid activities. It was nice, but I learned that I'm used to having that structure and routine. I was a little at a loss for things to do on the first couple of free days. But I have since recovered.

On Monday, Ryan had an orthopedic consult for his Baker's cyst, which we first noticed back in 2007. These things apparently resolve within the first year, so it was time to get it checked out by a specialist (the pediatrician's been watching it). The ortho guy recommended an ultrasound to confirm the type of cyst, but if it really is only fluid-filled then the treatment is to do nothing. So that's next week.

As an aside, I'd like to say a little something about the generosity of the Objectivist community. There are a lot of myths about Objectivists floating around out there, and one of them is that Objectivists are stingy and mean and would never ever help out a fellow human being (this myth stems from a complete misreading/misunderstanding of what Ayn Rand meant by selfishness).

I have been BLOWN AWAY by the generosity of my fellow Objectivists in recent months. A couple of my online friends wrote me when they heard about Ryan's upcoming ultrasound with web links, advice, thoughts, and other offers of assistance. (Thanks Paul and Beth!) Not only have I been the beneficiary of such kindness, I've seen two other friends who have needed assistance and been overwhelmed with kindness, tangible and spiritual. (Here's a post that one of them wrote about her experience.)

Objectivists are kind and generous and I'm proud to know so many awesome people!

Okay, back to our adventures.

We spent a lot of last week at the pool, and Morgan is regaining her confidence in swimming--and making great strides (strokes?) in independence! Yesterday, she was going under water on purpose, and swimming short distances to me and Kelly. Just a week ago, I couldn't get her to unclench from the sides of the pool. I'm hopeful that many visits to the pool this summer will help her (and Ryan, too, who's still getting back his water confidence after a winter of no swimming) get stronger and safer in the water.

Sean is UNAFRAID of the water, which is both blessing and curse. I've started teaching him to blow bubbles and kick, and he's happy to do those things. He'll "jump" from the side (from a seated position, holding my hands) and even does fine if he goes under the water briefly. However he must be watched every single second (as does M), so going to the pool with the three of them all by myself is somewhat stressful. Even having one other adult makes it so much easier on me. Maybe Sean's non-fear and willingness to copy the older kids will result in his learning to swim earlier than the others. That would be nice.

We also went to the Tellus Science Museum last week and had a blast. Kelly took R & M (and her daughter, too) to see the planetarium show, which I believe marks the very first time Ryan has willingly gone to do something with her and without me. This "doing stuff without Mom" area has been one of his slow-to-develop things, and he is finally beginning to do stuff without me! This might be something interesting to explore in the podcast. Hooray hooray hooray! Because I'm SO not going to college with this kid.

Speaking of podcasting, Kelly and I recorded a couple more episodes and are recording again tonight. We both feel more confident now, and think the conversation flows more smoothly, and is hopefully more interesting, too. I'm getting over the fact that I won't say everything as perfectly as I might be able to write it down. If you ever have a question about something I might say on a podcast, just drop me a line and maybe I can clarify it on the blog. Also, keep in mind that as we both get more comfortable with the podcasts, my weird sense of humor is popping up from time to time. So take what I say with a grain of salt.

Alas, our non-extracurricular-kid-activity fun will end soon, I think, as both Ryan and Morgan are going to be signing (back) up for Taekwondo! Hmmm...maybe I can put them off for another week. We'll see.

And now I'm going to go back and watch The Race, work on housework (blah), and generally enjoy the rest of the day.


mtnrunner2 said...

>Ryan had an orthopedic consult for his Baker's cyst

I've had one since I was a kid. I really only feel it when I squat for a while, it's just a pressure that goes away within 5 minutes or so.

I'm also a skier, runner, and run all the time in the mountains, and it never presents a problem.

Basically, it's had virtually no impact at all on my life. So hopefully there's nothing to worry about!

>Hooray hooray hooray! Because I'm SO not going to college with this kid.

Very funny :)

mtnrunner2 said...

>I have been BLOWN AWAY by the generosity of my fellow Objectivists in recent months

Oh yeah... P.S. OBLoggers ROCK! :)