Thursday, May 13, 2010

Secular Thursday: Homeschooling Ayn Rand's Novels

You may already be aware of the essay contests sponsored by the Ayn Rand Institute. In fact, I was introduced Ayn Rand as an indirect result of The Fountainhead essay contest (a friend of mine was participating). There are essay contests for Anthem, and Atlas Shrugged, too.

You may also have heard of the ARI's Free Books for Teachers program, which has provided copies of Ayn Rand's novels to teachers of middle and high school students so that the books might be taught in a classroom setting.

But did you know this? Now homeschoolers can take advantage, too! How cool is that? On the homeschooling resources page, there's a link to each of the four novels, including discussion questions and a link to request copies of the novels for your homeschool. It looks like for a limited time, you can email questions you have about the novels to someone at ARI, and they'll be posting some answers on a future Q & A page.

While you're waiting for your books to arrive, you could stop by the latest edition of the Objectivist Round Up, hosted this week at Erosophia. :o)

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