Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MiniCon, MiniCon, Min-Min-MiniCon!

Oh hey! How are you? Me? Well I'm insanely busy, thanks for asking! :o)

All of the little MiniCon details seem to be coming together, but it's taking up quite a bit of my time. Have I mentioned that I have only just begun working the discussions I'm leading? Kinda sorta. I have a really detailed outline of the Blogging Round Table workshop, but I need to create all of the handouts for the people who are coming. And I need to work on my part of the Positive Discipline workshops, though I have many resources for that, a happy result of taking those training workshops back in the spring.

While I'm thinking about it--there has been a last-minute class change. The class on the Founding Fathers is canceled, and in its place we're offering what I think will be a fun and interesting discussion of Debi Ghate's essay "Why Atlas Shrugged Changes Lives." (If you were previously signed up for Founding Fathers, you should have been notified of the change.) Here's the class description:

This hour will be a discussion of Debi Ghate's article, "Why Atlas Shrugged Changes Lives."  The article is about Ms. Ghate's own experience with reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time and why she thinks the book is so powerful.  The group will be discussing Ms. Ghate's ideas and sharing their own experiences with reading Atlas ShruggedParticipants will be expected to have read the article and to have printed it out for their own use in the class.

Doesn't that sound like an interesting discussion? I think it will be fun for newbies and oldies alike. I wish I could attend, but it's opposite one of my workshops.

By the way, if you want to guarantee your spot in a class with a maximum, please register AND pay by this Friday, June 25.

We can't wait to meet all of the people coming from out of town! We have folks coming from Arizona and New York and Massachusetts and Texas and Kentucky and South Carolina and New Zealand! And we'll have many people, new and old, from right here in Atlanta. We're predicting about 50, but depending on how many last-minute types show up, it could be quite a bit more!

Oh! Oh! Oh! We're going to have lots of freebies to hand out to our attendees--stuff from ARI and other Objectivist organizations, too (we'll make sure to thank them and link to them on our website once I've got everything a bit more organized). AND we will have some AWESOME AOS t-shirts for sale, too!

I was telling my parents about MiniCon while they were visiting last weekend, how it's going to be lots of fun, but how it's been LOTS of work (mostly for Kelly, Queen of MiniCon....I'm only a Duchess). My mom, who was an event planner for many years, commiserated, congratulated us on how well-organized it seemed to be (time will tell!), and gave us some tips and other things to consider. So yay for Event Planner Peopleguys who give out free advice and encouragement!

It's sort of a runaway train, this MiniCon. From a casual conversation about how pitiful it was that we wouldn't be attending OCON this year, to Kelly saying: "Let's do something fun and semi-organized with Objectivists on 4th of July!"), to something that has required 90 zillion details and people running all over like chickens-sans-heads. And then my mom enlightened me that we were indeed Planning an Event--and we didn't even know it! I think if we'd known at the outset . . . nah, we'd still have done it!


Dawn said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate all of the hard work, and I am so excited about MiniCon!

Brian Fritts said...

You need to figure out some way to have Garcia's serve pizza at your mini-con, and then it could be just an old Purdue Objectivist meeting.

Jenn Casey said...

Dawn, we're very excited you're coming!

Brian, it practically is a PCO meeting all the time anyway! You're welcome any time.