Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Objectivist Club Network Workshop at OCON

I'm pleased to pass along this announcement from the good folks at the Objectivist Club Network:

Join the Oclubs.org workshop at OCON. Learn how to start & grow an Objectivist Community Club in your hometown!

  • Chicago has 40 members in its community and 7 events per month
  • Atlanta's new Objectivist community is thriving with 30 members and 1 event per month

Learn how these cities got started!  Join Oclubs.org for a 45 minute workshop at OCON.

Wednesday, July 7 at 6:15p - 7:00, 5th Floor, Charleston F room

Oclubs.org was started to support the leaders of Objectivist clubs. We create resources, answer questions, and share advice. Read our Mission Statement here http://www.oclubs.org/mission

They have been mentoring me and other members of the Atlanta Objectivist Society, and our right-out-of-the-gate success is partly due to the excellent advice, resources, and communication with OCN. I highly encourage you to attend this workshop if you're interested in learning how to get going in your community!

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