Friday, June 04, 2010

Podcast #6: The Trader Principle

This week’s topic is The Trader Principle!

  • Situation of the Week (Kelly): Helping a child manage her frustrations
  • Topic: The Trader Principle (begins at 5:51)
  • Q&A: Toothbrushing Tactics (begins at 17:07)

Thanks for listening! This podcast marks the end of our first group of recordings. We made a couple of changes beginning with Podcast #7. I hope the technical changes will not be apparent, or at least improve the listening experience. And next time we’ll have our first question for the Q&A that came to us after we started podcasting. (Click here to get to the podcast site to download it directly.)

Enjoy this week’s podcast, and help us spread the word! As always, send us email at We’d love some constructive feedback, and of course, questions for our Q&A or topic suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a regular schedule for these podcasts, like every Friday or every other Wednesday or something like that? One of the things I *love* about Dr. Peikoff's podcasts is that they posted on Monday mornings like clockwork. I know exactly when I can go to his site and download the mp3 to my portable player.

Jenn Casey said...

Hi Anon! Thanks for your comment.

Ideally, I'd LOVE to have a regular schedule (type A person that I am!). However, it's just not been that easy to coordinate, due to the learning process and projects and other things that have come up in our lives. Brendan's going to show us how to do the final edits ourselves and maybe that will make it easier to keep to a regular schedule.

But for now, I think our schedule is going to be somewhat haphazard. :( This is one of our extra-projects-that-we-do-in-our-spare-time, not as a profession like Dr. Peikoff. Although maybe one day... :o)

Anonymous said...

Totally understand. Keep up the great work!