Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yay! New Designs!

I've been SO. BORED. with my Blogger template for ages, and every once in a while, I tinker around with changing it. I've even considered switching to Wordpress just to get more interesting designs, but have never quite found the effort to be worth my time.

Blogger has added some new blog template designs, and with the semi-new Page function, I'm all set! I haven't added pages yet, because I was undecided about my switch to Wordpress. Now I'm all decided, and so you might see pages here, and at Cultivating the Virtues (I also switched the template there, too--let me know what you think, Kelly!) one day soon.

It's easier to consider making much needed changes and updates to the look of my blog now that I'm undaunted by the thought of having to switch to a new blogging platform.

Be warned: It's also easier for me to fool around with things, so if things look a little different around here rather frequently, don't worry, I'll settle down soon. Promise. I'm just so excited!!!!


Kelly Elmore said...

I like the new design, in both places. Yay change!

Jenn Casey said...

We should explore possibilities for CTV together--I've already changed it several times! :o) Maybe this afternoon if things aren't too crazy?

Ansley Cox said...

Yay! You know I'm excited about it. You rock!