Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Things: Coming Up for Air Edition

I'm behind on everything, it seems. I have yet to write an end-of-the-year homeschool wrap up, a Flat Ryan update, the third installment of my fixing-my-eating-premises posts, not mention a few other ideas I've had for posts since about forever ago.

The house? Forget it. The yard? Same. I did manage to pay a few bills on time, but that's just because they tend to get cranky and stingy with the services when they don't get their money.

But you know what? It's all good. I have been having a BALL over the last couple of months, working hard like peopleguys and dreaming and scheming. If only I didn't require sleep! How much more productive would I be then?

And busy as I've been, it's all been the good kind of busy--the kind of busy that comes about as the result of value-pursuit. I've been running a mile-a-minute, and even through the exhaustion and stress, generally what I'm feeling is sheer joy. :o)

Sometimes, though, I forget to relax. I need to remind myself that it's okay to take a break from the speeding train that I've fueled up and started. So that is what I'm trying to do, and here are my Good Things that support that mission:

  • A fairly lazy weekend with just my favorite people in the whole world: Brendan, Ryan, Morgan, and Sean. 
  • Eating the same dinner two nights in a row because A.) it's easy (sausages and hot dogs on the grill), and B.) everyone likes it, and C.) it's cheap and paleo.
  • Coconut milk ice cream: mint chocolate chip. No, not strictly paleo, but a delicious treat all the same. Also, I was good and only bought one little pint that was just enough for one dessert for all of us.

It's the Summer, and I'm trying to remember to relax and enjoy it. Tomorrow: the pool!

How has your summer been? :o)

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