Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update

So how was your weekend? Mine felt so incredibly SHORT that when I woke up this morning, I still thought it was Sunday. Imagine my surprise to discover Brendan heading out of the bedroom, all dressed and ready for work. BOO! (I'm sure B will second that sentiment.)

Besides trying to avoid the crazy heat (and trying not to stress about our next electricity bill), we had mostly a low-key weekend. Morgan and I went out for breakfast and some one-on-one time on Saturday morning. It's part of an agreement we made in a Family Conference a couple of weeks ago, that Brendan and I each give all of the kids some individual attention on a semi-regular basis. (It's what Jane Nelsen calls Special Time--I wrote briefly about it here back in the gloriously cold, cold winter.) It was fun to go out with her and just be together.

Other semi-interesting things going on around here lately include:
  • Sean's very first lengthy full-out multi-stage temper tantrum. W00t. 
  • Morgan had several meltdowns herself (need to remember there's a Five Thing, and WHY did I have kids three years apart again?)
  • Ryan was difficult and unreasonable, too. Trifecta!
  • Work work work--I am trying so hard to get a handle on my many projects. A thread on OProducers helped me realized I haven't been tapping into the full potential of OmniFocus, so I'm trying to, you know . . . tap.
  • Brendan worked, too (he still does work on a part-time basis for his old client) 
  • Podcasting for the first time since way before MiniCon. Wow.
  • Dreamin' and schemin' about various things.
  • We shoveled Ryan's room out--it's back to "somewhat liveable" (all the way from "hazardous to your health").
  • I listened to The Golden Compass (haven't read these books yet) while I worked on Ryan's room, and I realized that I do like audiobooks after all, and that it's not actually "cheating" if you listen to a book as opposed to reading it. :o)
  • We lost power for several hours Saturday afternoon when a freak "pop-up" thunderstorm appeared directly over our house (a look at a Doppler map confirmed our perception). Outside of the hurricanes I've experienced and the hailstorm we had here when I was pregnant with Morgan, I have never seen anything like it. Brendan saw churning clouds and we spent a little bit in the basement and everything. The tornado/thunderstorm sirens never even went off.
  • We went swimming this morning, and just as I was leaning back to dip my head in the water to get my hair out of my face, Sean jumped/fell in the pool. I was right there, but I nearly had a heart attack because he was SCARED and swallowed a bunch of water. How long until he can swim? 
  • I also realized I was thinking about our upcoming beach vacation (25 days 'til we leave!) as an opportunity to catch up on work--and I have decided that that's very, very wrong. So I'm going to take a break on my vacation. No really. I think I need to, mentally.

Coming up

  • New and exciting projects for the Atlanta Objectivist Society (hey, check out our blog, btw!)
  • A get-together with some people from our local homeschool group at a lake on Wednesday
  • Morgan and Ryan might sleep over at Kelly's on Wednesday night! When I say "might" I'm talking about Ryan, who has never ever even once wanted to spend the night at someone else's house. I hope he'll do it!
  • On Thursday, Sean is going to be participating in a study at Georgia State about toddlers and signs/gestures (not ASL/baby signs, something different I think). It's also going to be a Peopleguy Tour (I know, I know, I need to write a blog post about those) because Ryan is so super-duper excited to learn what kind of work Researcher Peopleguys actually do.
  • We may or  may not go to the Southeast Homeschool Expo on Friday or Saturday. It's really neat, very large, but I hate that the registration fee keeps increasing each year. Also I know if we go I'll spend lots of money that we don't really have.
  • A friend is coming to town next week and I'm excited to see her!
  • Next Thursday is an Objectivist Play Date! Woohoo!
  • Also next Thursday--the first day of school in Cobb County. I know they get out in mid-May, but I feel sorry for those poor kids who need to trudge to the school bus in this insanely hot weather. 
  • The official public school year means that homeschool activities will be starting up soon, too (both Ryan and Morgan will be taking chess this session at co-op), and it also means we'll have the pool pretty much to ourselves for the rest of the season. Another reason I feel sorry for those kids who have to go to school in the scorching summer!

Anyway, that's the scoop with me. What's new with you?

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