Thursday, August 26, 2010

Podcast #11: Money

Hooray! At long last, we are happy to present our 11th podcast! We are grateful for the feedback we received from our listeners about the technical issues with the last podcast. Hopefully this one sounds a little better–Brendan turned the sound way up, so we’re hoping that will solve at least some of the problem. We didn’t test it on an iPod (because we’re currently on vacation!), but I think we’ll start this testing as part of our production process.

If you have feedback about the podcast–technical or content or otherwise!–please drop us a line at
Our line up this time is:
  • Situation of the Week (Kelly): Dealing with the jealous feelings of her child when she (Kelly) pays attention to other children
  • Topic: Money (begins 8:00)
  • Q & A: How did your relationships with other adults change after the arrival of children? (begins 29:34)

You can get the podcast here, on iTunes, or just below!

Thanks for listening! We’d love your comments and feedback and questions!

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