Monday, August 16, 2010

Where My Mind Is

I find myself with my usual overflowing list of projects and to-dos, only this week, I'm burdened with another problem. This:

We're leaving this Friday, and part of me is already there. Sadly, that part is the part responsible for thinking and planning and communicating with others--in other words, my brain.

I can't wait to be there, to soak up every ray of sunshine and laugh every laugh and lament when it's all over too quickly (because it always is).

But first, I need to do laundry. Why is it that every vacation I take now as an adult (parent?) involves so much freaking laundry? I do laundry in preparation for the vacation, laundry during vacation, and then mounds and mounds of laundry when we get home. Guess it's a good thing that laundry is a fairly mindless task, since my brain is long gone!


Tenure said...

The thing I love about laundry is that it gives me time to listen to a new album, or to an audiobook or lecture. Consider it. :)

John Drake said...

Enjoy your trip. We'll be in Nags Head on Sunday.

Jenn Casey said...

John, how long will you be there? We could meet up and have a playdate! We'll be south of NH beginning Saturday!