Friday, August 06, 2010

YAY and Good Things Summary

Here's a quick what's-what with me lately:
  • Happy it's Friday, yet amazed by its lightning-quick arrival this week! 
  • I think we'll go to the pool today, and enjoy this hot hot hot weather (and pity the poor kids who have to be in school).
  • By the way, yesterday was the first day of school in these here parts, and I want to point out that Morgan did not start Kindergarten (or whatever grade in which she'd have been placed), and Ryan did not start 3rd grade. Hooray for homeschool! 
  • Homeschool co-op starts next week, and both big kids are taking chess this time.
  • We are leaving for our annual trip to the Outer Banks in exactly TWO WEEKS. WOOHOOOOOO!
  • My sister and her hubby are coming for a visit next weekend, yay!
  • I'm going to go visit friends and their newborn baby girl this weekend, yay!
  • I've generally been working hard like peopleguys on lots o'projects, thanks to getting some good advice on tweaking my GTD/OmniFocus via the OProducers list. So, my plans to take over the world--right on track, baby.
  • Gonna do some cooking this weekend with the kids for a project I've got going on (details when I can, promise!).
  • Brendan and I have been moving the furniture around our financial house all summer long, and we're still in mid-shuffle, but! Things are looking much nicer around here.
  • B & I started watching 30 Rock on Netflix and it's hysterically funny. Yay for Netflix!
  • And last, but not least, don't forget to check out the latest Objectivist Round Up at Kelly's blog! (She recently redecorated her bloggy house, so be sure to go and notice it!)
What have you got going on? Happy good things, I hope!

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    Dawn said...

    I hope you guys have a great vacation at the beach! We are actually going to the Outer Banks ourselves, but we leave a week from tomorrow. I'm counting down the days!