Monday, September 27, 2010

Guess Who Came to Lunch?

Yaron Brook, that's who! I've met him before, but never really spoken to him at length.

He happened to be in town on business and had a few hours before his flight out of Atlanta, so ARI contacted me to see if I thought anyone might want to meet him for lunch. MIGHT?!?!? Um, yes please!

Thankfully our babysitter extraordinaire was available to stay with the kids for a few hours, so Brendan and I were both able to go. John and Ansley and another John also came.

We asked him questions about current events and what Glenn Beck is like in real life. And we bragged and bragged (okay, I couldn't stop running my mouth) about how rocking awesome the Atlanta Objectivist Society is and told him all about MiniCon (he'd done something similar with a local Objectivist group in the early 90s) and our other events. I think he liked the "Who is John Galt, Y'all?" t-shirt we gave him.


If you want to see a picture of this monumental occasion, check out the ATLOS blog!


Tenure said...


Brian Fritts said...

That is so cool. Sounds like a great time!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, that is really, really awesome! I can imagine that y'all had a great time. Hmmm. I wonder what a New Mexico Objectivist Society T-shirt would say. Probably something like: John Galt on Strike Manana!

Of course there is no New Mexico Objectivist Society. We'll get around to forming it. Manana.

Best wishes for ATLOS from here in mananaland--New Mexico, USA.