Thursday, September 30, 2010

Objectivist Round Up #168

Welcome to the September 30, 2010 edition of the Objectivist Round Up! Each week we feature the best blog posts by Objectivist bloggers. To learn more about Objectivism, visit the Ayn Rand Institute, and to learn more about how to participate in the carnival, visit our carnival homepage (which lives here on this blog).

Aaaaannnd here we go!

Roberto Sarrionandia presents Can Speaking Out be Immoral? posted at Roberto Sarrionandia, saying, "Can risking your life to defend a principle be altruistic?"

Rachel Miner presents Jonah Days posted at The Playful Spirit, saying, "Some thoughts about Jonah Days and what helps keep the smile when it seems like everything is going wrong. Humor is high on my list, but I have other ideas too :)"

C.W. presents THE CHINESE CURRENCY: A BIG SHOE THAT COULD DROP! posted at Krazy Economy, saying, "Big issue in the news is the value of the Chinese Currency. The U.S. wants them to raise its value relative to the dollar. It that good? HA! If Washington wants it, what do you think?"

Amy Mossoff presents LePort Schools' New Web Site posted at The Little Things, saying, "This is a review of the new web site for LePort Schools, which might seem like a dull subject, but anyone interested in how Objectivists are implementing rational ideas in education should check this out."

Diana Hsieh presents Interview with Stephen Bailey posted at NoodleFood, saying, "My interview with Stephen Bailey -- Republican candidate for US House of Representatives for Colorado's Second District -- about his principles and prospects."

Miranda Barzey presents Visit to the High Museum posted at Building Atlantis, saying, "A recent trip to the High Museum in Atlanta includes Bible story lessons, high school-esque gossiping, and a job opportunity."

Zip presents Two Wolves and a Sheep posted at UNCOMMON SENSE, saying, "The greatest threat and failure of Democracy is the ability of 51% to vote away the rights of the other 49%. J.S. Mill and other heavy thinkers called this the tyranny of the majority. With the final vote on the registry tallied at 153 to 151, 50.3% of parliamentarians have indeed managed to dominate the other 49.7%."

John Drake presents In memory of my grandmother posted at Try Reason!, saying, "Tribute to my late grandmother. She was a wonderful woman."

Trey Givens presents My First Apple Purchase: Fail or Character Building? posted at Trey Givens, saying, "I want a Macbook Pro so badly that I paid for it. How come it isn't in my apartment right now? I am MOST displeased."

Mike Zemack presents Toward Real "School Reform" posted at Principled Perspectives, saying, "An intellegent reporter exposes the perenial presidential cherade of "school reform", which over the decades "haven't produced meaningful achievement gains", but plenty of "intellectual dishonesty and political puffery". Still, school reform is a worthy goal, and it's time for the real thing."

David C Lewis, RFA presents The Myth Of Opportunity Cost posted at A Revolution In Financial Planning, saying, "What is opportunity cost? Should you buy that new car with cash, or should you finance it? If you pay cash, aren't you giving up interest you could be earning on your savings?"

Jenn Casey presents Parenting Principles posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "I revisit some of the principles by which I make parenting and discipline decisions, and take a first stab at outlining a few of the premises which are the foundation for those principles."

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