Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Falls on October 31st

I know everyone knows this.

As I was leaving my neighborhood this morning, I noticed the billboard by the pool area which read:

Trick Or Treating
Saturday Oct 30

This is not the first time our HOA has attempted to change the date of trick-or-treating when the 31st falls on a Sunday. They attempted this in 1999 too and everyone protested and the decision was reversed. The next time October 31 fell on a Saturday, it was a non-issue. But apparently not this year.

There are only two reasons that could possibly be behind this decision: the change to Saturday makes trick-or-treating fall on a weekend night instead of a school night; or the change to Saturday makes it fall on Saturday and not Sunday for religious reasons (this was the reason given in 1999).

Either way, it's stupid. Nobody changes the date of trick-or-treating when October 31 falls on a Tuesday. People who think that Halloween is too sacrilegious to hold on a Sunday are free to not send their kids out (and, for the sake of consistency in my humble, ought never to send their kids out to celebrate such a pagan holiday no matter which day of the week it occurs).

Our HOA has a Facebook page and there were a few protesting comments already. I left the following:

I also want to protest this. Many families have already made other plans for the night of Saturday the 30th. We have Halloween on school nights when the 31st falls during the week. If any family feels uncomfortable participating because thi...s holiday falls on a Sunday, they are free to make that individual decision for their family.

All this is going to do is create a lot of confusion, as there will no doubt be lots of people who don't get the memo or refuse to participate on the 30th. This will, in effect, result in two Halloween nights for our neighborhood.

I see absolutely no rational reason why this has been changed, let alone decided on behalf of the entire community with very little notice.

We'll be trick-or-treating and handing out treats on the 31st.
I am pretty sure they'll change it back. At any rate, THIS house (and I suspect many, many others) will be celebrating on the 31st. 

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Amy said...

What a wonderful response! We also had this happen when we lives in South Bend, IN. I don't know who was in charge of making the decisions, but it was even more arbitrary than avoiding Sundays. Sometimes, I think, it was pushed to a weekend day (Friday or Saturday), but other times it was just on a nearby weekday with different areas or counties on different days and times set (usually something like 5-6pm) when trick-or-treating was supposed to take place. We had never heard of this before and thought it was ridiculous. We grew up trick-or-treating in the evening, and when we got older we stayed out on our own getting candy until 8:30 or 9!