Saturday, October 30, 2010


We finally got around to carving our pumpkins tonight (and by 'we' I of course mean 'Brendan'). The kids were super excited, even Sean who didn't really understand what we were talking about, but just seems to like pumpkins in general.

Here are our creations:

Ryan and the Dracula Pumpkin he designed. :) on Twitpic

Ryan's is Dracula and he did all the designing and bossing Brendan about how to carve it. SO nice now that he's older, he can take on some of the Brendan Bossing responsibilities for me. :)

Sean's pumpkin is named Surprise! on Twitpic

Sean's is called Surprise! He decided on the circle eyes and triangle nose. Ryan suggested the surprised mouth. Good call.

Morgan's pumpkin is called "The Two-Teethed Circle.... on Twitpic

Morgan's is called The Two-Teethed Circle. She designed it and named it her very own self.

We managed to get a nice crop of pumpkin seeds out of the trio, and I'm drying them now to make our annual treat of roasted pumpkin seeds. (We can't buy them at the store as they're all peanut-contaminated--if you know of a peanut-free brand, leave me a comment!)

No adults and only two children were harmed in the carving of the pumpkins (not our best year). Morgan managed to fall off the table, landing hard on her arm and causing Sean's uncarved pumpkin to land on top of her. (It's funny now.) Sean, in his eagerness to put a glow stick in his (carved) pumpkin to see it glow, managed to run into the side of the table with his eye. Both will be sporting nice bruises for Halloween. He'll be Bouncer Oompa Loompa, heh.

So, yay! Pumpkins!


Buy unique toys said...

I am going to make homemade pumpkin pie this fall with whole pumpkins not the canned.Any recipes and how to prepare whole pumpkins for the pie! Thanks In Advance!

Jenn Casey said...

Sorry--can't help you there! I have no clue how to cook them, I've always used canned. Good luck!