Monday, October 11, 2010

What's New with Me?

Thank you for asking! I think I'll tell you!

We had lots of fun at our various ATLOS events over the weekend, beginning with our Play Group on Friday afternoon. The weather was perfect, even a little warm for October, and with blue skies and changing leaves. Hooray for fall!

On Saturday morning, I completed the two week Fundamentals of CrossFit class at a local gym. The workout for the last class was identical to the workout for the first class: run 200 meters, do 21 squats, 21 push ups, 21 ring rows, then a round of 15 each, then a round of 9 each, then run 200 more meters. What was amazing to me is that even though I'm a super-beginner and waaaay out of shape, I managed to improve my time by 3 whole minutes! The first time I did that in 12:34 and the second time I did it in 9:34!!! I am super excited. Starting this week I'll join the regular classes, and also hooray for friends to do CrossFit stuff with!

Let's see, what else? Our new cleaning routine has been working fairly well since we discussed in our Family Conference. Both older kids are learning to carry in math (I've been using this website for free math worksheets), and there's been lots and lots of reading (independent and reading aloud) going on. Sean is speaking more clearly every day, and I'm certain he'll be enunciating his curse words very soon. In public.

The other big thing we have coming up is my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration in Florida. My grandma, who lives all the way in Riverside, California, decided that the thing she wanted to do for her birthday was visit the Harry Potter theme park at Universal. And so we decided to humor her, dear old thing. (Actually, I believe the entire family's response to this request was something like "HELL YEAH!") And since Hogwarts is located conveniently next to Mickey's house, we'll spend a few days there, too.

It'll be us, my sis and her hubby, my brother and his girlfriend, my parents, my aunt and uncle, and grandma. A mini-family reunion for a worthy cause (and I might try to convince people that we're celebrating MY birthday just a little bit early, too).

Now. Here's where it gets interesting--because he is now Working for Someone Else instead of Working for Himself, Brendan has this thing called "Vacation Time." On one hand, VT is a glorious thing, because for the first time in many years, Brendan has been able to partake of this legendary experience known as "Paid Vacation." On the flip side, you can't take too much of it or the Peopleguys What Employ You will figure you're tired of working there and find someone else to do your work for you.

So he can't come for the whole week, which means, yes--you figured it out!--I will be driving down to Orlando ALL BY MYSELF with the kids (he's flying down mid-week and will drive back with us). Hmmm . . . I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous. Things have chilled out in the very back of the minivan lately between Ryan and Morgan, and we finally acquired a replacement DVD system, so those are positive developments certainly. I think we'll just take it nice and easy, stopping when we need to, having a nice long lunch with an opportunity to stretch our legs a bit. So what if a 7.5-8 hour trek takes 12 hours? As long as we make it there without killing each other, right? I think I'll ask my mom to have wine waiting for me when we arrive. :o)

And yes, if you're playing along at home, we were just there a year ago. We're a Very Disney Family (in addition to being a Very Beatles Family). I thought after last year we'd miss taking Sean when he was 2.5-ish, as we did the other two. 2.5 (ish) is a super fun time to take someone to Disney! But thanks to my grandmother, Seanie will also get to experience Disney at (almost) 2.5. Last year he had no clue what was going on. This year, he's going to have some fun, I think. And it will be the only time my grandmother has seen all three great-grandkids at the same time. Also, it's "Drink Around The World" at EPCOT in October! That's not what it's really called, but that's really what you're supposed to do.

We've been happily busy with other fun things, too. We've got a pumpkin patch trip coming up, and Spooky Town is in place, and the Evite for our Halloween party has been sent out. So far, this fall is shaping up to be JUST AWESOME. How is yours?

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Brian Fritts said...

We just got back from Disney this last Sunday. We took my son for his 4th birthday next month. My parents watched his two-year old sister for the long weekend, so he had a little me time.

I am always surprised by just how much fun we have every time we are there. They seem to think of everything.