Monday, November 22, 2010

40th Birthday Weekend

It was one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had in a long while (and I've had many enjoyable weekends in recent memory)! I'm going to write down a few details for posterity.

Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner for our friends. It occurred to me very, very belatedly that, from a parenting logistical standpoint, this wasn't my best decision ever. We left the house at 5:45 to drive in nasty Friday Atlanta traffic with a toddler who hadn't napped. Brendan was meeting us at the restaurant, so I was going it alone.

Naturally, Sean fell asleep before we got out of the neighborhood. Traffic wasn't horribly awful (merely normal-awful), and I was able to find cheap parking only a couple of blocks away. Sean woke up in a great mood, so that was something.

We had a nice time at the dinner, got to see lots of old and new friends again, and the kids got to play with a new friend, too (Amy's daughter). Even though Sean was up until midnight, it was lots and lots of fun!

Saturday, we cleaned up the house some (okay, a lot), and then Amy, Adam, and their daughter came for a visit in the afternoon. We had a great time; they are super nice and fun. Their daughter stayed here with our kids (and Livy) during the wedding. I am so grateful to our babysitter for taking on five kids for eight hours--while 37 weeks pregnant!

The wedding was beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic. It was held at a rooftop event space downtown, with an amazing view of the city at night. The weather was perfect, cool but not cold, and even the outside rooftop was comfortable (the sitting spaces around little fires, nice touch).

So happy for the bride and groom. We've gotten to know them over the past year or so, and they are becoming two of my favorite people. The ceremony was beautiful, officiated by an Objectivist, and I don't think I've heard a more beautiful exposition of the purpose of a wedding ceremony ever. Kelly read a poem by Browning and she pretty much rocked it. :o)

Oh--and I wore a dress! And makeup! And I have to say, even though I really generally despise getting all gussied up, it was fun and I looked pretty good, I think. Brendan, who really actually loves getting all gussied up, seemed to like it, anyway. :o)

We danced and danced and I taught Miranda the "extra" lyrics to "Mony, Mony." Heh. Amy and Adam are crazy on the dance floor, and so was everyone else. Got to meet some other Objectivists from U of C at my table and they were nice. Talked about ATLOS and MiniCon 2011 (perhaps to be renamed "ATLOS*CON" or "ATLOSCON" or "ATLOS-CON" or similar) and our other grand plans with Keith and Pari and other people, too.

The official reception ended early, so many of us walked down the street to a sports bar. It was only one hour until my birthday. We sat around and drank beer and talked a bit more. At midnight, we all toasted my birthday and I drank the rest of my beer in one fell swoop. Why? I don't know, but it was fun! We stayed for about an hour more, and then headed back home.

Livy spent the night (Sammy was still up and her dad came and picked her up--a big middle of the night sort of trek, as we do not live exactly close to downtown Atlanta!), and when I woke up, I was tired but happy. And 40! :o)

We ate at a Brazilian steakhouse for lunch with Kelly and Aaron and Livy and WOW was it delicious. It's been a while since I've eaten at a restaurant like that, because the really great one is kinda far away and expensive. This one is close and cheaper, so I think we'll make it a mainstay. Morgan was in heaven, too,  my little carnivore.

Then we headed to the Apple Store where Brendan got my birthday present--a new Mac Mini! This one is faster and has more room on it, better for my needs. My old one will go to the kids, so now there will be three kids' computers in our house. Which sounds very extravagant, I know, but I am so looking forward to fewer arguments about computer time. And they're happy with hand-me-down computers.

Brendan took Ryan and Morgan to a couple of shops because they wanted to get me a little gift, too. Ryan, because he takes after me, picked out something after about 30 seconds (fancy face cleanser) and was finished. Morgan, because she's Morgan, took eleventy hundred years to figure out what to get me, and Brendan is the most patientest person ever. She got me two tiny good-smelling candles, one green and one purple, my favorite colors.

We were all still pretty full from lunch, so we ate ice cream for dinner (hey, it was my birthday!). Hooray for coconut milk ice cream! We lit the candles Morgan got me, and a big Christmas candle, too, just for fun. Everyone was so excited and fascinated by The Lighting of the Candles that I believe we'll need to keep all of the matches and lighters in a secure, secret area of the home from now on.

Everyone went to bed a bit early as we were all tired from the night before (and M has a cold, poor thing), but I did manage to watch a couple of episodes of Buffy (season 3) before I turned in.

All in all, a wonderful weekend, a beautiful wedding (congratulations!), and a great way to begin a new decade of my life. Kelly asked me about what my goals and vision for the next decade are, and I think I'll make that into another post. Because it's an interesting thing to think about.

Thanks, by the way, for the birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook and in person. It was so fun to be cheering for my birthday with a crowd of wonderful people, new friends and long-time friends. The online messages made me feel so special, and got me thinking that it would be amazingly fun to have a huge big party with ALL of my favorite people, far and near. We should work on that plan!

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Topsy said...

Well, what a coinky-dink...this past weekend was my 40th birthday celebration as well. I'm afraid, though, that after having a hysterectomy less than two weeks ago, mine was SLIGHTLY less eventful than yours, but I was celebrating just the same. If I'd have known it was your b-day too, I would have celebrated even harder!!! ;) Happy Birthday, Jenn!!