Monday, November 01, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Let it be known throughout the known 'verse that I will be turning 40 in 20 days! Hooray!!!

Therefore, please feel free to help me celebrate my last few weeks of being 39, and the first few days of being 40 during the entire month of November!

My suggestions for celebrating: dance, sing, party, write poems singing my praises, have a cocktail (or two), eat lots of bacon (it's paleo!), or, go about your life as usual, even.

Anyway, it's now officially my Birthday Month, and I plan to enjoy it thoroughly. And I hope you do, too!


With thanks to LB for the suggestion of an Official Proclamation.


Kyle Haight said...

Good luck with that. I turn 40 in January 2011. When I was a kid, I remember my mother making fun of my uncle, her younger brother, when *he* turned 40. Now it's my turn and I don't know where the time went...

Kelly Elmore said...

J for just right,
E for entertaining,
N for nice and a little nutty,
N for nuisance to the Census Bureau.

C for creative and colorful hair,
A for autistic date rememberer,
S for Savingnon Blanc,
E for empress of Oist mommy bloggers,
Y for yay! that she's my friend!!

Lynne said...

I'm in!

Kelly, I believe an acrostic can be matched only with a haiku:


Mom Extraordinaire
Witty, Wise, and Wonderful
Energy to Spare

Kevin McAllister said...

The birthday month is the greatest of all modern inventions!


Jenn Casey said...

Thanks everyone! Kelly and Lynne, you ROCK (but then again you knew that).

Kyle--I remember when my parents turned 40, and boy did we ever make fun of them! I kinda get it now.

Yay for Birthday Month!