Friday, November 05, 2010

My Life Thus Far (Decade By Decade)

I realize this might not be super interesting to many people, but I have a strong need to write this down. Call it part of my mid-life crisis.*

Me, 1970 - 1980
  • I lived in 5 different states (and one state twice). 
  • I was born in a Naval Base hospital, which means I was born on the taxpayer's dollar.
  • I have a really good memory and have lots of memories (images, really) of my very early childhood. Example: Sitting on a blanket in the front yard with my baby sister in South Carolina. I was about 3 and my job was to make sure she didn't eat the little orange berries off of that big enormous bush to the right of the front door. Probably my mother did not suspect that these early "watch your sibling(s)" jobs would create a Boss Monster. 
  • I went to Kindergarten in Speedway, Indiana, and during the month of May, we could hear the race cars practicing from our classroom. With the windows closed. I had Johnny Rutherford in the Kindergarten race pool, though I wanted Janet Guthrie to win, because she was the first woman to race in the Indy 500.
  • I had surgery on both of my eyes to correct strabismus and amblyopia.
  • We lived on 4 acres of woods for a year and it was the most free-range fun time of my childhood.
  • I learned piano and started flute and fyfe in my tenth year.

Me, 1980 - 1990

  • I lived in three more states (four, if you count Ohio, where I spent two summers in college, and I really think you should, so make that four more states).
  • I was in a really great high school marching band for three years and it was so much fun. I wish I'd let myself enjoy it more (I was a little too worried about being a Band Nerd--should have just embraced it for what it was).
  • I discovered music and friends. And boys.
  • My grandmother passed away in 1983. I still miss her, and I think she'd be so proud of Morgan who is learning piano now, carrying on the family tradition.
  • I read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged in 1989 and the rest was history. My history.
  • I graduated from a different high school, a Catholic one. It was okay, but it really sucks to move away in one's Junior year of high school. I don't recommend it, if it can be helped at all.
  • I started my university career as a Medieval Studies major, then a History major, and then an English major. Because, you know, English is way more marketable than Medieval Studies.
  • I managed to go to a school that had an Objectivist club, and learned more about life and how to live it once a week for four years than I did in the rest of my undergraduate career.

Me, 1990 - 2000
  • I met Brendan in 1991 and we officially got together in 1992. :o)
  • After I got out of college, I moved to Indianapolis and worked for about a year and a half while I waited for Brendan to finish up. It was good job experience and good to be independent.
  • With only a little money saved and my parents as co-signers on our apartment lease, we moved to Atlanta in June 1994. Neither one of us had jobs. (Don't worry; we found some.)
  • We pined for other Objectivists. The internets were still not quite up and going, and what was available was unfulfilling on many levels. 
  • I spent 1994-1995 in the crappiest job ever, working for a woman who screamed at you if you messed up, held you responsible for things that nobody ever mentioned you were responsible for (let alone trained you on or explained), and ridiculed you in front of your coworkers. I quit spontaneously and when I went to pick up my last paycheck she tried to trap me in the conference room.
  • Got married in 1995 to the bestest guy ever.
  • Slightly better job from 1995-1999, though there were still lots of people screaming obscenities at you. I cried a lot, not quite realizing that if you cry a lot in the bathroom at work, it means you are unhappy and ought to quit. The job part was great; it was just the people who made it hard.
  • Part of the reason I stuck it out in that job for so long was because we were building a house and wanted decent credit. We moved into our house in 1998.
  • Finished my MBA in 1999 and our company went out of business. As it deserved to. One day, over a bottle of wine or two, I will regale you with stories of the Big Boss who didn't want my (Georgia native) employees speaking in Southern accents to clients up in New York because it made us "look like hicks" and more!
  • Spent 2000 working what was to be my last job (at least for a while). Again, screaming crazy people who tried to humiliate you in front of others. This boss carried a butcher knife to work for a few weeks. For real. (Again, let's crack open that bottle of wine and swap scary work stories!) This time I had sense enough to leave, which I did shortly after my 30th birthday.

Me, 2000 - 2010
  • Since apparently working for other people requires stress and at least once probably should have involved a restraining order, I wanted to take some time off to figure out just how on earth I could land both a job that I enjoyed AND a boss that wouldn't scream at people (they screamed at everyone, not just me--and I was a GREAT employee). 
  • In the meantime, Brendan and his pancreas broke up in dramatic fashion, so I was preoccupied with helping him learn all about diabetes, which put my job search off a bit.
  • Then the husband of a friend of mine got very sick, so I put off my job search a bit more to go help her out with her kids.
  • Then we decided to have kids of our own, and I put off my job search indefinitely when I got pregnant in 2001. :o)
  • So in my thirties, I got pregnant four times, and have three kids to show for it (see sidebar for cutie picture). 
  • My job title changed to Mommy. Which, as you might have surmised, involves a lot of people screaming at you. But that's okay, at least they are children, and as such, have the right to behave like children. Plus I like them a whole lot more than those other people I used to work for.
  • Met Kelly and lots of other Objectivists in 2003, and it was so nice to meet other people who shared my ideas! Hooray! Joined in on some discussion groups, too.
  • Brendan and I decided that homeschooling was the way to go, so that meant no daycare or job search. And that suits me just fine.
  • But because I need to do non-Mommy things, too, I helped Brendan with his software freelance business (which is now part-time), and we bought a rental cabin in 2007. 
  • Also, I started writing (blogging) a lot and thinking about how to apply Objectivism to parenting, which led directly to a new kind of business venture, not to mention friends and contacts in places far and wide!

So there you have it--not even close to the many things I've done in 40 years. But it's a decent list of things that made me what I am today.

Maybe in the next post I'll do a Goals for 2010 - 2020. Wouldn't that be cool? First on the list is definitely a trip to England!

*I am not actually having a mid-life crisis. That's just a joke, promise. :o)

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mtnrunner2 said...

Wow, those were some psycho bosses! I've had a couple that were a bit uptight, but generally they've all been decent people. I guess I've been lucky. What are people thinking??


>My job title changed to Mommy. Which, as you might have surmised, involves a lot of people screaming at you.