Tuesday, November 02, 2010

OGrownups Monthly Summary

Here's the latest from OGrownups!

New members: 3
Total members: 264


  • Career versus family (hierarchy of values)
  • Halloween
  • Kates Kause
  • Sign language
  • Homeschool Plans
  • "29 Tips and Tricks for Traveling the World with Kids" (article)
  • Choosing to work or stay at home
  • Helping a child deal with emotions when a playmate doesn't want to play any more
  • Surgery and Dentist
  • Handling Lying
  • Pre-pregnancy, hormones, and hormonal birth control
  • Parenting question on Objectivist Answers
  • Private schools in Hudson Valley
  • Surgery update and what worked
  • Special Education
  • Napping (strategies)
  • Evolutionary parenting (attachment parenting pros and cons)
  • Afraid of the "___"? An iPhone app for dealing with childhood fears
  • General Objectivist announcements

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