Friday, November 12, 2010

Podcast #12: The Nature of Children

And we're back! Our longish break from publishing podcasts was mostly unintentional, though once it became clear we would be taking some time off, I suppose we could have written a post to let everyone know. Basically, we just got busy pursuing other values in our lives--grad school, homeschool, vacations, etc. But we missed podcasting, and we have more coming soon, hopefully on a semi-regular basis. Yay!

The Line Up
  • Situation of the Week (Jenn): How Jenn handled an ongoing issue with kids not cooperating and being rude (it has to do with going to the pool, so you can tell this was recorded in the summer!)
  • Topic: The Nature of Children (begins 8:59)
  • Q & A: When did we start using PD with our kids? (begins 32:39)
    Most of what we discuss in the Topic section is based on a post written by Kelly called "The Nature of Children." So don't miss that post!

    Thanks for listening!


    Garrett said...

    Another great episode! The nature of children is something that I've really spent a lot more time trying to understand since ours was born. I always grew up thinking that there were good kids and bad kids and really have come to understand that they are just "kids". Kelly, I really liked your suggestion of "proto-rational".

    And yes, the situation of the week made me want to go to the pool. Unfortunately, it's 37 degrees outside. :)

    Thanks again for the great podcast!

    Jenn Casey said...

    Thanks, Garrett! We should have another podcast out this week (hopefully). :o)