Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Rambling

So it's turning out to be a long week. There's been tantrums and mystery hives (not Ryan, but Sean! sigh) and shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding and CrossFit and homeschool co-op and working on the house.

We finished the playroom project, woohoo! Take a look:

Playroom Accomplished! (Now for the rest of the house, sigh) on Twitpic

Be Amazed. Be VERY Amazed.

Now the  kids have room in there for Christmas presents! (Speaking of Christmas gifts, don't forget about our Discovery Toys fundraiser!) Cleaning out the playroom has been the impetus of several other reorganizing/decluttering projects.

We're rearranging what we call The Music Room (so called because that's where the piano and most of the guitars live), taking out a large table we acquired at a garage sale (and it was the table where Spooky Town lived during October) and moving it into The Computer Room (I'll let you figure out how that room got its name) so that the kids can have more room for their computers (there are currently two, and let me tell you, that's not working out too well). I think that table's going there--we also bought a smaller table at the same garage sale, so that might be the new Kid Computer Table.

But anyway, Great Furniture Rearranging is afoot. One of the difficult things about homeschooling is that the kids are always here and all of our STUFF is here and I'm trying to make the best use of our space. Probably past time to think about finishing the basement, huh? Alas, we're slow people when it comes to such things, and now we lack the fundage to undertake such an . . . undertaking. But maybe there's something we can do.

Speaking of using space wisely, Brendan and Ryan are planning to build a loft bed for Ryan's room, which will free up quite a bit of space in there. That kid needs horizontal space for building like no other I've ever seen. I'm very much looking forward to him having some tables of his own to keep in his room so that his projects can stay up just as long as he likes.

Let's see, what else? I found a dress to wear to a wedding soon. So excited! The wedding is the day before my birthday, so I'll get to go out of 39 in style! Now I just need to find shoes, some kind of wrap (for I will be cold) and all of the other things that go with such things. Yes, I will even wear makeup!

Oh yeah, and Kelly and I are working on new podcasts for Cultivating the Virtues! It's been a while, I know. Once the school year hit, she got busy with school and work, and I got busy with kids and other stuff. But we have a new podcast coming out tomorrow (and by "new" I mean "recorded in the summer") and we are working on producing new ones soon. Brendan taught us some more tricks in Garage Band, so we'll be able to take on more of the production work ourselves, giving us some flexibility if he gets busy with work, as he is wont to do.

Well that's all the news for now. Be back soon.

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Hanah said...

I am so looking forward to a new podcast! It sounds like you have been super busy and productive with other things in the meantime, though.