Friday, November 19, 2010


These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and it's about to get windier. :o)

So, this morning the older kids and I have haircuts, then a quick trip to the mall so that I can buy Actual Makeup, then home to put the house in order, then down to Atlanta for a dinner for our friends' wedding. Whew! I have no clue how long we'll stay at the dinner, but I want to visit with all of the people coming in from out of town, and the kids want to see everyone, too (they're not going to the wedding).

THEN, tomorrow, we'll get the house ready for visiting with some of the out-of-towners (yay) and our wonderful awesome babysitter who is 8 months pregnant and watching FIVE count 'em FIVE kids here tomorrow while we're off at the wedding! I invited her to just sleep over and I hope she does.

Sunday, my birthday, I think we'll just lie around and rest and recover from all of this fun. I am certainly looking forward to seeing everyone and having a fabulous time at the wedding, but I am an introvert really, and there's only so much fun I can have before I need to hole up inside my next for a while.

And I'm really looking forward to next week--all I'll have to do is shop for groceries and make a big meal. Easy Breezy. Practically a vacation.

So have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, too!

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Kelly McNulty Valenzuela said...

As your Tweet instructed, we will be dining out for your birthday on Sunday! (Okay, well it's really just Front Range Objectivism's monthly dinner night, but we'll be sure to have a drink for you!) Hope you have a great birthday! :-)