Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Achievements

Last night's OList Happy Hour had the best topic ever: achievement. Earl writes:

As we approach the end of the year, I think there is real value in looking back on our individual achievements from the past year, both as a source of spiritual fuel, and as a means of checking one's bearings in contemplation of goals to set for the new year.
And, in the spirit of Christmas gift-giving, what better way to remember the year's achievements than to share them with others?! Which brings us to this week's menu:
Appetizer: What were your major achievements of the past year? Which of your achievement(s) of the past year make you the most proud?
Drink Special: Did you have any achievements that had a particularly significant impact on your life? Was this expected or unexpected? How do these achievements impact your expectations and goals for the new year?

It was a fun chat (by the way, these weekly chats are open to anyone on an OList, lurkers included, I believe). Earl is right--it is spiritual fuel to hear about the achievements of others, people you like and respect. It makes me happy for them, and inspires me to try harder to achieve my goals, too.

I warned everyone in the chat that I'd be making this into a blog post. :) It's fun to think over the past year, all of the good fun and work I've done. And it's ever so nice to be able to do so in a mentally healthy way--which in my case means that I can look back at my accomplishments and feel only happiness and pride--and NOT guilt about the goals I didn't achieve, and NOT beat myself up for what I could have done better (though it's hard not to add qualifiers about what I didn't accomplish). Nope! This year I can say that I clearly ROCKED, and even though I didn't get everything done just perfectly, oh well--that just leaves lots of fun things to work on next year. Look at me, I'm growing as a person here.

So here is my list of achievements for 2010, in no particular order:

  • I lost about 40 pounds and 3 dress sizes! (And I know I still need to complete my series of posts about changing my eating's on the To Do List.)
  • I started CrossFit in September and have survived (so far)!
  • I worked hard like peopleguys on launching the Atlanta Objectivist Society (ATLOS!). Lots of other people worked hard like peopleguys, too, and isn't it awesome to work hard with great people on a project everyone is passionate about? 
  • I worked hard like peopleguys with lots of ATLOS peopleguys on MiniCon! To have pulled off such a successful conference in our first year was no small feat. It was such an amazingly fun experience and I can't wait for our next one!
  • I took two Positive Discipline workshops, a big step toward my full certification as an official Positive Discipline trainer, and am now a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate.
  • I co-taught two classes about Positive Discipline with Kelly at MiniCon.
  • I wrote some pretty good blog posts about many, many topics.
  • I wrote a couple of LTEs and I think one even got in somewhere, though I'll have to go back and double check which one it was. (For some reason I have a terrible memory for LTEs--once I got one published and didn't even remember writing it somehow.)
  • I hired a new property management company for the cabin, which had another amazing year, rental-wise. 
  • Two times I encountered an issue with my health and took care of it right away instead of procrastinating! Go me!
  • Brendan and I achieved an enormous overhaul of our finances and are now in much better financial shape than we were last year. And yes, it took all year long, sigh.
  • The kids--I am a homeschooling mom, too, and though most of the homeschooling accomplishments rightly belong with the children, I played my part, too. We did read alouds and math and piano lessons and history and trips to the library and trips to museums and a science fair and I think I answered about eleventy zillion questions. Maybe eleventy zillion questions from just one curious little boy even. 
  • We established a weekly family conference and have kept up with it. It has been very valuable to all of us.
  • I've been getting much better at cooking, too. Not the actual cooking--that part I was pretty okay at already--but the planning meals and buying groceries and actually cooking part. :)
  • I'm teaching myself to knit!
  • Last but not least--I turned 40! (It's not as hard as you might think.)

Those are just a few of the great many things I accomplished this year. We had house and kid projects all over the place, vacations and celebrations, meeting new people, and much much more. Naturally, much of my time was taken up by Twitter and Facebook.

I would LOVE to hear about your accomplishments, so tell me in the comments, or leave a link to your rockin' awesome blog post.

Coming up sometime soon--goals for 2011!


eeeegads said...

Thanks for posting that! You are an amazing person.

Kelly Elmore said...

You made me want to write one. Here's the link:

It was a good year!

Kelly Elmore said...

Damn, how do I make that all linky?

Katie D said...

I really liked this! I'm inspired to reflect on my year in the same way, thanks!

Adam Thompson said...

Fun post, thanks Jenn. Here's mine, not as fun to read: