Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Every year I pick a theme, some particular thing I was focused primarily on for most of the year--a new baby, for example. This year had so many goals and my attention was split among many different projects, I wasn't sure what the theme could be (apart from "AWESOME," naturally). But, as you'll see, I found a pretty good theme after all.

2010: The Year of Meeting People


  • I have no idea what we did for New Year's, which leads me to believe that we had a night quiet family evening at home. My favorite kind of New Year's Eve.
  • I managed to get pink eye and tonsillitis during the same month. Super fun!
  • I cut wheat out of my diet, and sugar, too.
  • My mother-in-law came for a visit (yay, Nonnie!).
  • Ryan got his blue belt in TKD.
  • I started talking to the peopleguys at OClubs about ideas for getting an Objectivist community group up and going here in Atlanta. And I'm forever grateful for their help!
  • And I met: Jane Nelsen! She came to Atlanta for a lecture and workshop, and I got to meet her and have lunch with her and it was so much fun! When I told her who I was, she grabbed me and gave me a hug, wasn't that sweet? :o)


  • We got new floors installed in the house, and survived the process.
  • The two big kids got their very own library cards.
  • We had friends over for the Super Bowl.
  • The kids participated in a Science Fair and it was really lots of fun for all of us.
  • Don't think I met anyone in person this month, but DRUNK HULK commented on my blog, does that count? :o)


  • I hired a new property management company for the cabin, and they are working out very nicely!
  • I took the first of my certification classes for Positive Discipline. Super awesome.
  • Ryan dropped out of Taekwondo, which I'm still a little sad about, to be honest, since he hasn't returned. Ah well. The teacher is now offering adult classes, so maybe I'll go back myself one day!
  • ATLOS had its first monthly Social this month and over 40 people showed up. We were off to a grand beginning! (And I also met Hanah for the first time here, I think, and lots of other neat-o and new-to-me folks here in Atlanta, like John K. and Ken and Garrett and Melissa, too.)
  • And speaking of grand beginnings, MiniCon planning was really getting going. Neither Kelly nor I had any clue what lay ahead in terms of just how much work we'd be putting into it (ignorance really sometimes is bliss).
  • Kelly and I recorded our first podcast episodes this month. :)
  • We started our Family Conferences this month. Hilarity ensued.
  • Miss Morgan turned 5, a whole hand! Her birthday party was at a paint-your-own-pottery place, which is a great venue for a birthday party, btw.
  • I met Shea and Alyssa and Miranda in person.  


  • I took the second Positive Discipline certification workshop this month.
  • The first Cultivating the Virtues podcast was released! Rock.
  • Ryan celebrated his 8th birthday in Dahlonega, panning for gold. My in-laws all came and we spent a night at the cabin that weekend, too.
  • I met Keith and Pari and Ben very, very briefly, one afternoon at a coffee shop in midtown (I think that was the same weekend my in-laws were coming for Ryan's birthday and the day the podcast was released!). Keith is one of the aforementioned OClubs peopleguys, Pari is his wife, and Ben is another Objectivist I'd been eager to meet. :o)


  • Having completed both of the introductory workshops, I formally submitted my application to the Positive Discipline Association to get the certification underway. I'm now a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate and have a few more steps to complete before I am fully certified.
  • My sister came for a visit and we went to the Marietta Greek Festival!
  • I'd made good progress in losing weight and bought new clothes for the summer, a couple sizes smaller. :)
  • Brendan got an iPad for his birthday and I haven't seen him since (kidding).
  • We took advantage of our homeschooling status to use our neighborhood pool often while the rest of the kids in the neighborhood were still in school. It was fun, but cold as I recall.
  • It was somewhere around this time that I became buried in MiniCon and didn't come up for air until mid-July. And Kelly had it worse than I, I think.
  • I don't think I met anyone this month, did I?


  • MiniCon. MiniCon. MiniCon. That's pretty much all I worked on or talked about. I think Kelly and I spoke on the phone about 78 times a day, for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at a time, conversations going like this: "Did you..." "Yeah, I did that, but have you..." "Nope, not yet, but I sent you the..." "Okay but what about..." "I can't think about that right now, ack!" "Okay, talk to you later bye." 
  • What else? Oh yeah, for some reason I cooked a turkey this month. 
  • We got our share of a grassfed cow. Yummy.
  • Ryan had an ultrasound of his knee and everything was fine, though the stress of it just about killed us both.
  • Sean turned 2 on Father's Day, and my parents came down for the occasion.
  • Brendan and I got totally serious about revamping our finances, and closed on a loan this month as part of the effort. We also finally dropped cable and switched to Netflix and Hulu and that's it.
  • If I met anyone new this month, I don't remember, but that's mostly because I don't remember much about this month at all. :)


  • MinCon! OMG, MiniCon! It happened and it was so much fun and such a big success, and totally worth all of our hard work. And it absolutely made up for not being able to attend OCON.
  • Kelly and I taught two Positive Discipline classes at MiniCon and it was SO much fun. I can't wait to teach more classes, something I am hopeful we'll both have time to do in 2011.
  • My blog hit 100,000 visitors and 5 years (though not on the same day).
  • I said "no, thank you" to the visitor from the Census Bureau.
  • We swam and played and were generally lazy for the rest of the month.
  • We filled out an application to refinance our house. 
  • I met a bazillion new people this month (and please forgive me if I've left you off the list, just drop me a comment or something): Lynne, Stephen, Antonio, Andy, Bob, Julian, Earl, Tom, Dawn, Dwane, Rory...and more I'm sure. Please remind me if I'm spacing out on this.


  • We went to the Outer Banks and saw dear C. August and his family. I'm sad that we're not going to make it in 2011 (too many other things going on, not enough vacation time). 
  • While in OBX, we met John and his family, who happened to be vacationing there at the same time! That was fun. :)
  • I made lists with Ryan and Morgan of the things they want to learn in our happy little homeschool.
  • Homeschool co-op started back up, too. By the way, school starts up way too early in Georgia. Whatever happened to Labor Day - Memorial Day? 
  • Sean participated in a study at Georgia State about conceptual development of young children. It was fun and he got a prize.
  • ATLOS started our play group and a letter-to-the-editor workshop.
  • Kelly and I applied to do a class at next year's OCON, but we didn't get in. Still, I'm glad we tried.
  • I saw a doctor about all of the hair I'd been losing all summer (among other symptoms). Turns out, it wasn't stress from MiniCon, but thyroid-related. I got some fun pills to take.


  • My mother-in-law and brother-in-law came for a visit over Labor Day weekend and we went to Chickamauga. Totally fun, but I don't recommend driving there and back with bickering children in the back seat.
  • We listened to Earl give a lecture about architecture (sponsored by ATLOS), and then went and toured the home he's been working on up in Tennessee. Super fun.
  • As part of our financial cost-cutting measures, we dropped the cleaning service. It's worked out much better than I'd imagined, plus, with the money-saving.
  • Our first two closing dates for the re-fi came and went, and the loan processor apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. I was not happy.
  • We sold Brendan's car as part of the financial cost-cutting, too. It was sad.
  • I started up with CrossFit.
  • I bought all new clothes for the fall, a size even smaller. 
  • Several of us ATLOS members met Yaron Brook for lunch! :o)
  • The best part of the Tennessee house tour was meeting Trey in person! After knowing him many years online, he was the person from the internets I was most eager to meet and it finally happened! He is just as awesome in person and is one of my favorite internet blogger peopleguys ever.


  • We all met up in Orlando to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. We all had a really fun time, and saw Harry Potter Universal Studios, too. My grandmother amazed us all, walking all through the parks like nobody's business. She rocks.
  • Also, my brother proposed to his girlfriend while we were all in Florida, and it's a go for next June.
  • I completed the Fundamentals of CrossFit class and eagerly resumed self-ass-kicking when we returned from Florida. 
  • I'd also lost so much weight that I had to get my wedding rings resized down!
  • The re-fi was just about killing me at this point. I especially enjoyed having to dig up documents and information while on vacation with my family in Florida. Not.
  • We received a surprisingly large refund from the IRS. That was nice.
  • ATLOS events began to take off, with a couple of study/discussion groups forming, and a Fall Family Picnic and other things. Yay!
  • I got my passport! I'm so excited and am dying to go to England one day.
  • There was a trip to the pumpkin farm.
  • And Halloween (and an uncooperative HOA)!


  • As I approached my 40th birthday, I took a minute to review my life by decades.
  • We finally closed on that $#@^%^*#$@ re-fi. I survived, I'm pleased to report, but I wonder if the toll took a few weeks or months off my life span. The good news is that our mortgage payment is ridiculously low, only about $20 more than the rent at our last apartment twelve years ago.
  • Two of our friends were getting married the day before my birthday, so I spent much of the beginning part of the month at the mall, looking for a dress and shoes and a handbag and a shawl and pantyhose, etc. It's fun looking for dresses in the regular section, not the Women's section. :o)
  • After the wedding, a bunch of us went to a bar and I got to turn 40 in front of about 40 people. We all cheered and drank beer!
  • I met some nice new people at the wedding, including Mark and a couple of other nice guys whose names escape me now. It was nice to see Amy and Adam again, and many other people (some of whom are mentioned earlier in this interminable post).
  • I began to hit my stride in CrossFit, and noticed that I feel fitter and am stronger.
  • Though not everything was super rosy with CrossFit, as I sometimes developed headaches/migraines during or after workouts. I found a family practice I liked (finally), and saw a great nurse practitioner who sent me for an MRI. The MRI was clear (yay), and during the procedure I talked myself out of freaking out by reminding myself that I'd survived 3 c-sections and the Lumberjack 20. I got some fun pills to take if the headaches happen again, which they haven't, as clearly all the Powers That Be in the 'verse wanted was for me to drop $500 on a co-pay for an MRI. I'm not (really) complaining though--I'm happy to be headache-free.
  • Because Ryan wanted to learn to knit, I decided to take up knitting again (I taught myself a few basic stitches in 2001, and that's where it ended last time). It's fun!


  • This month, I chewed out some jerky kids at a shopping mall.
  • I got a henna tattoo.
  • My brother-in-law came for a visit!
  • Not having a mortgage payment this month (because you know you get to skip a month after a re-fi) worked out in our favor--I used that money to buy Christmas gifts for the kids and ourselves. Yay!
  • ATLOS had a very fun holiday party, and Trey came down for it! I also met Joshua and Andrew and Michael at the party, and I hope that they continue to show up at future ATLOS events.
  • I created a Facebook page for the Objectivist Round Up.
  • My parents came down for Christmas, and it snowed all day long. Beautiful.
  • I just sent out the paperwork to make ATLOS into an LLC. :)
  • We're invited to the home of our friends for New Year's Eve, but I think we'll probably stay here and play games and watch movies and drink fizzy grape juice at midnight. 

Okay, so this post was really only a much longer version of my 2010 Achievements post, but I like having everything in the proper order.

And do you see what I mean about meeting people this year? Famous people even, like Jane Nelsen and Yaron Brook! I'd never considered myself a super social butterfly kind of person, but I am really enjoying getting to know others (in person and online, too) who share some or all of my values. Nobody is more surprised than I am--in my 20s I cynical and grumpy about meeting people--I felt I was doomed to be disappointed. It's not that way at all! These new friends are the result of my opening up and being friendly and giving people a chance, and the result of the work I've done to create the kind of world I want to live in. So yay for that. :o)

And with that, I bid a mostly awesome 2010 adieu, and am looking forward to what lies ahead in 2011.

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Adam Thompson said...

Hope I can meet people that way someday, too :)

Though not everything was super rosy with CrossFit, as I sometimes developed headaches/migraines during or after workouts.

I doubt this is your issue but, the only thing that's ever caused me headaches during exercise is when I've been eating too much salt.