Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Goals

So now that I've accounted for all of the great things I managed to do in 2010, it's time to think about the year ahead. This was a topic on the OList chat earlier this week, too.

Here are some of the things I'd like to do in the next year, in no particular order:

Cultivating the Virtues

  • Record and release more podcasts, on a semi-regular schedule if possible. This is tough for us to coordinate, given our crazy schedules, but I think we can do it. 
  • Deliver a speech at SNOWCON! :)
  • Teach a class at ATLOSCON in May.
  • Teach some local classes--either the 7 week training class we're supposed to do for the certification or some other kind of class.
  • Revamp the website.
  • Explore other products, such as webcasts.
  • Incorporate as an LLC.
  • Make some money!


  • Get LLC/non-profit status squared away.
  • Help with ATLOSCON.
  • Revamp the website.
  • Launch our new promotions strategy/theme.
  • I'd love to talk to someone at ARI about ideas I have for community groups (who?), because, well, I think everyone could benefit from my opinion.
  • Have fun and get new events and groups going under the ATLOS heading.


  • Experiment a bit with the paleo (though I'm hesitant to do anything wild and crazy until Sean is fully weaned) to see if I can jump start some weight loss again.
  • Figure out what's going on with the thyroid thing (which might help with the weight loss, too).
  • Keep up with CrossFit (the better to kick your ass with, my dear) (kidding).
  • Do some kind of "fun run" with one or both older kids--I have a verbal commitment from Ryan. I think it would be super fun to do.
  • In January, the kids and I are doing a Burpee Challenge (one burpee on Jan 1, two on Jan 2, etc.). :)


  • Write more LTEs.
  • Keep going with the blog. 
  • Yup, that's about it.


  • Get back to true Date Nights with Brendan--as our finances have become limited, we are going out less often, and tend to do big group things. We should reserve at least one night a month for the two of us.
  • In that vein, both Brendan and I need to get back to our special one-on-one dates with the kids--trips to a coffee shop, breakfasts out, a movie, etc. 
  • Keep up with the Family Conferences.
  • Do some kind of semi-regular family field trip, like a hiking day or something.
  • Get Sean on the potty plan at some point.


  • Set up a few Peopleguy Tours.
  • Help the kids with their various projects (blogs and science projects and reading).
  • More read alouds! We need to make this a priority, because it's so much fun, and beneficial too.
  • Regular piano lessons with Morgan. We're writing it on the calendar!
  • Get Morgan going on violin if financially feasible.
  • More field trips.
  • Start involving Ryan (and Morgan if she wants) in the cabin business, as I plan to train them up to take it over in a few years.
  • Explore money-making opportunities with Ryan, and help him launch something. If it makes money, get him a checking account.
  • Get both R & M on some kind of learn to program computers website, and get them typing, too.
  • I'm thinking about acquiring some of Joy Hakim's science books and doing those as read aloud/discussion starters. 
  • Visit the "library" upstairs (aka, all of the books up in Morgan's room that we need to sort through) and choose which books we value and which we can send along to someone else. I have a feeling we could spend days up there getting lost in all of the fun things to read. Mmmm...sounds like fun!


  • Hopefully this property management company will not go out of business. :) 
  • As money/time permits, get a dishwasher installed and get quotes for the downstairs carpet.
  • Get quotes for painting the house and deck.


  • We need to seriously, for real and I'm so not kidding about this, clean the basement OUT and make at least part of it into useable living space. It's a total waste not to be using this space, and the kids get only bigger and their toys only come with more and more pieces.
  • And while we're at it, we need to do something about the backyard. It's rather tragic back there.
  • Shovel out Ryan's room and install a loft bed.
  • Move Sean and Morgan into a bedroom together (they both like to snuggle up to someone at night and it's time they snuggle with each other instead of me and Brendan). This will include a re-do of both kids' rooms.
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter.

  • Now that the big pieces are in place, it's time to tweak the budget on a smaller, more penny-pinching scale. 
  • Pay off as much remaining debt as possible.
  • Live within our means.
  • Become a miser. (kidding) (sorta)

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • Improve my GTD useage so that I have a prayer of getting any of this stuff done.
  • Do our normal yearly things like The Messy Party, and birthday celebrations, and go swimming, and visit the pumpkin patch in the Fall. Because all of those rituals add rhythm to each year.
  • Big trip to Wisconsin (and possibly Illinois) in June for my brother's wedding. We'll be celebrating Sean's third birthday up there, too.
  • If we can swing it financially, go to the wedding of a college friend in Aspen, CO in early June, and maybe OCON. OCON is looking less and less likely, even though it's so close to us in 2011, because of finances and my brother's wedding. But I'd like to try to get down there and at least visit with people a bit.
  • Keep up with knitting! I'm really enjoying it.

Would you believe that I wasn't sure I'd have very many specific goals when I started writing this post? Also, if you are a P on the MBTI, you probably shouldn't read any of this very closely or stress about it. When it's time for you to do my bidding, I'll let you know--until then, live happy and free in Non-Planny Land. :)

What are YOUR goals for 2011?


Adam Thompson said...

We have "making money" in common.

For me: Make money, study game design, cultivate my friendships, settle down in a home, and find a girlfriend.

Kelly Elmore said...

Was that last addendum for Brendan or for me? Either way, I appreciated it. :)

Jenn Casey said...

Why, both of you, of course! Though I'm not really the boss of you for real, only Brendan. :o)