Saturday, December 04, 2010

Good Things

It's been a little while since I've posted some Good Things. Not because my life has been deficient in any amount of Good Things, but just because I haven't thought to do it. I'm going to try to remember to do this more often, because it's a great way to acknowledge some of the Good in my life, and it provides a nice little record of what I've been doing with my time.

One day many years from now, I'll read all of these posts, and I'm sure I'll care about the more substantial issues I've written about. But I (even if no one else) will also care about these little Good Things. :)

Good Things of Late (I can't limit it to three):

  • ATLOS play group yesterday--amazing, interesting women (men are welcome, too!), and fun kids.
  • Henna party last night with more amazing, interesting women, and yummy food. And wine.
  • Heading up to the cabin today with Morgan for some holiday decorating. Looking forward to a Girls Day with my one and only girl. I've been feeling a need to reconnect with her a bit, as we've been slightly at odds lately, and this will be a good chance for that. Also, I believe I mentioned--the cabin! Always fun to visit. And fun to be working productively, too.
  • Christmas decorating will continue here at the homestead, too. Probably tomorrow. I'm ready.
  • Knitting--addictive and fun. Morgan and Ryan are knitting and making yarn crafts, too. I'm almost finished with my big practice piece, a long bit of stockinette that I will give to Morgan and call a scarf. Yes, I know stockinette is a terrible stitch for a scarf, but I wanted to practice both knitting and purling before I started on something that might possibly look better. Also, Morgan won't care (sweetie thing), and is pleased that she is going to be the recipient of my first real knitting piece. Good thing she doesn't care, because there are gaping holes in some of it, the result of trying to knit under the influence of Sauvignon Blanc. Oop.
  • CrossFit--I went three times this week and will be slowly ramping up to 3x a week on a regular basis. I have been challenging myself to lift heavier weights and get a little more intense and it's been going well. I think I can continue to add weight to my deadlift at least. And my pushup has improved from Complete Suckage to Standard Wimp, so that's good. Also, no exertional migraines lately, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that.
  • My family rocks. No, literally. Brendan and Sean have been bonding lately over music, and Sean dances and strums his little hand while he listens to Brendan play guitar. OMG, so cute. 
  • Morgan and Ryan have been working hard on their own projects (arts and crafts, music, reading), and Ryan has really been improving in his attitude toward the rest of us, and being helpful, etc. Hooray!

So that's it for now! See you on Monday, I think. Have a nice weekend!

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